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One Week Brain Dump

Greetings from the home of our family of four humans, one fur big baby, and several fishies.  Yesterday my littlest love turned one week old.


(2-3 days?)

He is such a good baby – reminds me of this not so little to me anymore guy:


Thanks to Ms. Shannon, he is all about pictures – “Momma, take my picture!!”  my response GLADLY!!! He’s a lot more difficult to take pictures of these days because he is a always on the go dude… I hope to get some good pictures today – but who knows I have a lot of personalities I’m surrounded by and not all of them can help me keep people still for my camera with no focus 😉 – would it be totally wrong to get one an take it back? hahahahaha.

How things have changed so far:  no more belly!  I’m jiggly everywhere but I just keep reminding myself I’m only a week out.  I started gentle yoga stretches to help with my sleepy body aches.  Sleep is the same, not happening too much 🙂 – but I just try to get to bed earlier and stay in later until I’m fully healed.  Juggling.  Hardest part so far is having two who have needs that need to be met right away.  With Evan he wasn’t allowed to cry for a millisecond.  With this one, if I’m doing something for Evan, I need to finish that first so he cries for a few seconds.  Although Evan is understanding a bit more each day that when the baby cries I have to feed him.  I know we will find more balance as time goes on.  I’m currently trying to think of in house projects to do with Evan to get his energy out when the weather is so sucky.  My mom suggested a few things – I need to stock up on some tools – luckily he really does like the high chair so I think I can get him to do some projects from the safety of his chair vs what I envision as markers on my wall.  I’m not just yet ready to tackle the store all by myself in the cold – maybe tomorrow, if only to walk around and let Evan look at stuff.  My current goal is to get him on a better schedule. Which means wake up at a consistent time, nap at a consistent time, and a consistent bed-time routine – with new baby excitement, time change and various other things, he has been tossed around a bit to much and needs the stability back.  Today our plans are to give him an early bath because i think more of his breakfast is ON him at the current moment then in his belly – followed by more photos, nursing, cleaning and cuddling.

DSC_0156 DSC_0162 DSC_0167

Adios for now from the Villas – Let’s hope I can get the “birth story” up today – I can’t seem to get everything together (multiple cameras, a notebook with times, myself and two happy babies *fingers crossed* the stars align at naptime).


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