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Train Thoughts

Going with my thoughts theme today…

Well today was freakishly warm and insanely ewet. Melting snow and lots of rain. Crazy wind and fog. Weird day.

Looking at my salt stained boots and grateful for these randoms: the quick weights workout at my gym. My baby, husband, Oso, friends and family. Grateful for my job, my husbands job, my home. Grateful for coffee, tea, my amazon app, MY iPhone (how did people get along without these things? Life was so much simpler I’m sure). Grateful for my healthy body and all it’s imperfections and perfections (my insides are rockin! Good heart, good organs 😉 ). I’m grateful for my kindle and the books that sit in it, even the unread ones. Im grateful that J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter (I mean, who isn’t!?), I’m grateful for the education I’ve received, the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I’m grateful for vitamins, veggies and soul food (so what if I define soul food as avocados lol I guess an occasional French fry fits the bill but avocados make me feel good). I’m grateful for Metra Conductor uniforms, they remind me of that movie with Tom Hanks Based on that children’s book Polar Express. I’m grateful I have been able to experience motherhood. Grateful for my glasses, they are the first thing on last thing off my face. I’m grateful for freshii and Alex 🙂 (Susie!) I’m grateful for my mind, and my sense of humor even if I’m the only one laughing. I’m grateful for yoga, running, heavy weights and shoes.

I’m grateful for you for taking the time to read my thoughts and for this quiet train ride of gratitude home.

What are you grateful for. All written on my iPhone wonder if there are any weird typos in there.

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Mommy, wife, fitness obsessed, runner, yogi, foodie, sister, daughter and friend. Lover of life, sports, caffeine and my Peloton.

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