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To the man who holds are hearts

For almost a decade you have been a part of my life.  You were/are my first and only love, that sweet boy who took my heart and held on tight.

We have countless memories from prom to graduation to our engagement and wedding and then this happened:



You became the father of our son.  Of all of the things I love about you – words, smoke signals, dances and crazy songs would never do justice to just how amazing you are with Evan.  You are truly amazing with him.



From the start you were so supportive to him and I (the emotional crazy train) – You would wake up and bring him to me those early days… You would change diapers without question and you would allow me to cuddle for hours without picking up anything… You would clean around the house (knowing I’d be a basket case if things were messy) and not say a word – you would just do it like you understood it would make me happy even if I didn’t tell you it did.  All of those things you may think went un-noticed but I still remember you being an amazing supportive loving husband and father through those early transition days.

I remember you telling me how much you loved him, and our little family – no words have ever felt so wonderful…



But beyond the words are your actions.  You are so present with Evan.  You hug, kiss, feed, play and snuggle with Evan.  He loves you so so much.  So much that he calls you to three words: “pa pa” “da da” and my personal favorite, “Hec torrrrrrr” lol



So today we just want to tell you how much we love you.  That you mean the absolute world to us.  My heart fills with joy, to the point of happy tears when I see you with Evan because you are so amazing.  Happy Father’s Day – no one deserves this special day more then you.






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