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SSSS&S – Friday

Sight & Stitch[fixes]:


[More on this later!!!]
As always I’m trying to stay organized and de-cluttered it helps keep me happy, honestly a clean house gives me a quieter mind, without a doubt.

Sound: sound


Loving some new stretching, calming music right now.



I’ve started burning these the minute I feel any sort of stress (the am when I’m trying to rush out the door)… They are amazing.

and my final S?  Sniffles. AGAIN. *sigh* Public transportation and stress are seriously messing with my flow – I haven’t been sick in a year and after my serious rib injury JUST started feeling better Wednesday sore throat, Thrus. sore throat plus sniffles, Friday sore throat feels a bit better but cough and sniffles – So this S I could live without.

As I nurse my cold I’m trying my hardest to stay positive, and work through the cold in order to meet a to weight goal, at which time I am going to treat myself to this:

lulu awesomeThe entire outfit will be mine 😉 lululemon really does hold the key to my heart.  I have so many motivations to be healthy and fit.  A few of my MANY reasons I live the way I do?  I want to set a good example for my son, part of me is also vain and wants to look good in clothing, part of it makes me entirely gitty and I like to further motivate myself by buying new technical pieces…. Newest additions?  An insanely orange striped cool racerback and a new bright yellow run jacket.

I’m. in. love.

What motivates you?  What centers you?  Most of the “s”s above minus the sniffles really help me deal with that S that sticks around in my life too much… Stress.

How do you wind down these days???  Anyone ever tried StitchFix?!  ❤



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