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Tick – Tock

I swear every day gets shorter.  I can’t even remember what I do in a day anymore it is non-stop from the second I get up.  Except for today. ❤  

I got to the computer early today thinking, “I am going to blog!!!” I have some pictures I want to share, updates about the new job/new house/new routine.   Then this little dude reached up with his arms towards me:

ImageSo I melt, and it has been down hill since then.  I just cuddled with him for a nap and decided I need to get up and get stuff done, so now here I am… Looking at pictures and completely smitten with my little dude. *sigh* He is so darn cute:

ImageMy little strong dude soooo on the verge of crawling.

So much is going on, as I stated above, I simply just wake up and get through my day.  I think that is hand in hand with a career change, I love it so far but getting use to waking up an hour earlier and being out of the house by 6:30a.m. has been a bit challenging.  The main thing I’m trying to focus on this week is MY EATS and Evan’s new eating adventure, yep we are finally….Image

This is almost unreal, and I’m a bit excited to give him foods and SAD that he is growing so fast that he is no longer exculsively breast fed.  I’m so thrilled and proud of us for making it this far exclusively, but I really am just lucky that for the most part nursing Evan has been quiet easy.  He had a great latch from the start and I just so badly wanted it to work out and has.  Obviously he is still getting momma’s milk, but it is strange that he is also going to be eating.  We started Evan late, and he is still not completely ready (pushes food out of his mouth, doesn’t swallow all the time), but the nice thing about the start of this is that it is slow… very slow.  So I can’t wait to update you on our progress, this week’s shopping list includes some organic goodies to cook for my little dude!!!

What else is going on with us? We are still getting settled in our new house.  One thing that I’m still not sure about… HOW WE ACQUIRED SO MUCH STUFF!!!!  I joke around saying, next time we move we are giving/throwing everything away and starting new but as this process is STILL ongoing this might actually be a very true assessment of my feelings.  Where did all this come from!?



You didn’t honestly thing I would show the world a picture of our mess did you? lol  Hector was disappointed about how much we spent painting the upstairs bedrooms so he decided he was going to paint the living room and dining room… Well after this (the painting of our small dining room) he will be paying someone to paint the living room.  Hysterical.  *Sigh* Husbands.

On TOP of all this, I have neglected this:

ImageMy yoga mat.  As much as I have neglected it, Oso has been giving it some love (after he walked around in plaster, apparently).

and this:

ImageThe new tredmill my WONDERFUL momma gave to me.  But, I still have been getting in strength training and walking quiet a bit downtown 😉 – So again, this shouldn’t be neglected and it is on my brain constantly as working out makes me happy.

Today I’m off to a yoga class, and some more cuddle time with my sweet baby.







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