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My Happy Place

So it has begun.  Trips to my happy place, just me, my ipod, some awesome workout clothes, and weights for days ❤

It has been 4 months since I have visited this place, and they said Rome wasn’t built in a day but this building was:

As I drove the very familiar bath suddenly there was this new massive glass building – not there the last day I was at the gym… now it was – the path is so unchanged that it looks like it popped up overnight.  The picture was taken in my car = thus the blurry-ness.  Of course I’m sure this building wasn’t built in a day but it wasn’t there four months ago but everything was heart warmingly similar:

My locker:

My favorite cardio machine:

The weights – I love weightlifting.  I absolutely love it.  Probably my favorite thing to do at my gym is weight-lift.   I feel so strong and awesome and I love looking at the boys who think they know what they are doing but have the wrong form haha:

[This is one of the many weight sections, but I personally LOVE this one because it is near the stretchy section – unfortunately I do not have a picture]

It was awesome to lift a bunch of heavy weights – including my favorite tri workout (pulldowns).  It reminds me that I would like to invest in heavier weights for at home use.

My current goal is strength   I used to be a female muscle machine, now I’m more like a milk machine with hints of strength   I know this will take time, and I still have to find my complete groove, so thanks for joining on my journey – I have a FOUR month update (I know can you BELIEVE it!?) coming up, so stay tuned.

My body was amazingly sore the day after this trip. With the holidays it feels good to get back here and get back at it. What has changed?  I’m in and out.  Now that I have a beautiful baby at home I get in – go crazy and leave.  No more walking around taking my time, enjoying the scenery now I work my butt off – maximize time so I can get home to this:

I LIVE for our late night cuddle sessions, I used to want to be at the gym forever and sit in the steamroom until my pores screamed “get me out!” — Now I’m planning on being efficient so I get home and hug it out with him and my other two boys.

Happy Monday!  This short week is a great week to fit in some exercise so that you don’t feel as guilty indulging a little.


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