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What We Are Loving…

If you were like me, you spent hours and hours thinking about what you  were going to do with your baby.  What you wanted to wrap him in, what you were going to wash him with, how many kisses you were going to give him…

You really don’t need much for a newborn.  Some loving arms, diapers, a way to feed them (formula or momma’s milk), some clothes, and a car seat.  Those are musts, but everything else is just extra.  We have a lot of extras around here and even though nothing has gotten more use then my arms, there are some favorites around here and I’d like to share them 😉

MOBY!  We are loving the Moby around here:

Shopping with Evan in the Moby

I use it around the house to get things done and when we go shopping.  I LOVE that it keeps him so close to me.  He loves it too.  I did a lot of research on babywearing and although tying this thing could be a little annoying with all the fabric (next time I’ll buy the Baby k’tan so I have the Moby and the k’tan) it is worth it because Evan really is happy in it and I feel close to him, which I love.  You can find the Moby at Target, Amazon and Buy Buy Baby.

Babo Botanicals:


This family LOVES this product.  It is made in the USA, it has pure flower and plant extract, has no synthetic fragrances or colors, no chemicals, is paraben & phthalate free and is a great idea for parents with super sensitive skin!  It smells like heaven, has no harmful chemicals and has kept my sweet baby’s skin soft and moist.  We have never had issues with cradle cap (which I know he was starting to get, you can see it when their hair is wet – it is gone now – never a flake), dry skin and his baby acne was very mild.  The Oatmilk calendula moisturizing lotion is awesome too!

You can buy this on Amazon, or at Buy Buy Baby (I got a great deal on them on  We are huge fans and although it costs a little more than competitors with babies a little goes a long way and what is going on his skin is absolutely worth it to us and I would absolutely pay full price for this product in the future.  As we get low, I have their calming lavender products and I will let you know how we like those!

California Baby Candula Creme & Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm (and Nipple Creme, not pictured):

These two products are also chemical free (can you see where I’m going here?) – They are amazing and smell great too.  The calendula cream is for dry skin – I put extra amounts of this on his head when I feared he was getting cradle cap… gone!  Daddy has also used it for some of his chapped skin!

The bottom balm is amazing too, he really helps with the little bit of redness E gets here and there.  This is also multi use and can be used as a rescue ointment for bug bites and burns (for the parents!) we like things that we all can use – again skin is important to us. 🙂 – We are only given one body!

The Swing:


He cuddles in this swing so often.  He LOVES it.  We will babble to himself and take naps in this wonderful contraption.  ❤

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets ❤ LOVE LOVE:


He has been wrapped up in these every day since the day he entered the world (he was just two weeks old, how was that a month and a half ago already?!).  We have 13 of them.  I have bought their boutique (pictured above) paparazzi pack, their Oh Boy! pack (sold at Babies r us), an organic wrap, and their Bamboo Pack (our favorites, Evan’s FAVORITES).  They are great for swaddling, covering his car seat, nursing cover, burp cloth… everything.  The bamboo ones are AMAZING.  They are softer (didn’t think it was possible), and Evan loves to pull it up to his face (which I don’t freak out about because these things are extremely breathable).  As you wash them, they get softer… LOVE these. Plus the patterns are SUPER cute! I HIGHLY recommend their products.  We have their burp clothes too.

Our BOB Revolution SE:

Evan’s first trip downtown labor day weekend – BOB pictured with the infant adapter and car seat attached.

We have two strollers the Peg Perego P3 and the BOB.  The P3 is great for the mall, and is pretty light and compact for what we use as a travel system, but we do have a favorite stroller.  The BOB.  We were very prepared just to use the P3 because babies can’t jog in the stroller until they are at least six months old.  But one day (that turned into several days) Hector forget the P3 in his trunk and I was stuck without a stroller so I ordered the infant adapter and man was I glad I did.  We get a lot of use out of this thing already and my best friend has it for her son and she has told me she loves it!

The wubbanub!


Enough said, the cuteness factor of these things makes them worth it haha!  They are also so much easier to find then just the pacis.

So there are quite a few things we love, but the products above are the ones I will babble about to anyone who asks 🙂 – All babies are different, so I can’t say everyone will LOVE these products… But I did a lot of research about the anti-chemical stuff and I’m glad we stuck with them ❤


  1. We LOVE our BOB and Aden and Anais blankets at well 🙂 Madelyn also loves the Moby and I do too, I just prepared tonight’s dinner with her sound asleep in it, but I agree about the tying of the fabric.

    • Jen

      Yay! See, I figured they would be great items! Don’t are little ones grow too fast? Enjoy every little moment! She is a beauty!

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