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A year shy of a DECADE

I woke up this morning to a whisper in my ear, “Happy Anniversary, I love you” Sure we have only been married a year, but my lovely husband and I have been together since 2004, February 10, 2004 to be exact.   Words cannot describe my happiness and… Read More

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My Love

Today I’m just so grateful for this man: My husband. It has been exactly one year since we said those famous “I Dos” I have no doubt that this will be the first of many happy years of marriage. After all, he is my soul… Read More

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A Love Story

Christmas 2003. That is when I met this guy: I knew he was way out of my league.  I was a tomboy basketball player and he was a pretty boy, done with High School dude.  His brothers went to school with me and my very… Read More