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Train Thoughts 🍀 3.17.16

Couple things I’m grateful for right now: Lorde station on Pandora 💕

This hand sanitizer: 

 I get a little bottle every time I go to target best 2.99 spend there.

My husband.  We’ve been together for 12 years.  We have our ups and downs, let’s be real when you are around someone that much 💥 is bound to happen. But he is just so kind, loving and generous.  I came home to a super clean house yesterday and 😂🍀☘💓 he just doesn’t realize the profound relief that gives me.

Positivity. I’ve struggled a bit with this recently, I’ll start the day in the right direction then suddenly something derails me.  I’m human, I recognize that.  But I had a conversation the other day around feeling selfish for having kids in the environment we are currently in.  Granted nothing is perfect and things are scary but there is so. Much. Beauty. In this world.

So as much as I understand where she was coming from.  I respectfully disagree.  Potential in our children is endless.  They are the ones who will save this world, as long as we do our parts to remind them that the things you do have consequences. As adults we make our own decisions and I will never regret or feel guilty for having my children, I stare at them in complete awe.  I know there is many directions life can go but with the support system I have, my husband, my mother, my sister, my father, my friends and GOD I know and find peace that their lives will be filled with wonderful child wonder and safety. 

  Evan’s favorite thing right now? Spider-Man costume. 💯

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