The New Normal.

My new normal:

Weekdays that start at 5 a.m.

Trains before 7 a.m.



Hoping I can make it to the store once a week for fresh goods:

whole foods


The more color the better…

Dealing with a baby that is getting all his teeth growing out of the way ❤


6 coming in at the same time… 4 on top, 2 more on the bottom.  20lbs 14.5oz & 29.25 inches of awesomeness right there ❤

Great strides to keep new plants alive:




I debate on a cleaning lady daily for our home… if only so I can spend more time with my baby, at the gym… at a yoga class… with friends. (making it to get my eyebrows done!)



But my want to buy things for my little dude wins out…

Speaking of shopping 90% of it is done online these days… Because I can’t seem to find the time to do it on my weekends off…



Probably because I just want to hang with ^^^ him and spend time with family, friends and my fitness lol *sigh*

So basically my new normal is trying to figure out… everything.

Any ideas on how to streamline!? Lol I’m just going to ask God to add more hours to the day.

Happy Saturday!


A big bash.

Evan turned 9 months on Sunday.  I’m so in shock over this.  I still cannot believe my itty baby is not so itty bitty anymore:



So my focus is shifted ahead for once… Focusing on him being older then he is at this very moment.  I like to believe he is younger then he is because it is hard for me to process how fast time is flying lol – But as I get used to calling him my 9 month old – I am also focusing on a huge milestone, his big FIRST BIRTHDAY!

*sigh* I know that with as busy as Hector and I are – I need to start now because before I know it I will be sending invites (likely late) & after my amazing baby shower, I know that I’ll need to put my thinking cap on and make a spectacular first birthday for my little man.  One great thing?  I have a location!  I’m 99% positive it will be at our house if not here… it will be at my mom’s house haha.

We have a small home, but because Evan’s Birthday is during the summer I’m confident it will be a fun in-side mostly out-side event & as far as themes (I’m not really a themey person) we might go with a little man theme:


This isn’t set in stone, because like I said before I am really not the themey type and I don’t know if I can pull it together but I think the idea is awesome (and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COLORS above)… I just don’t know how to find the time to be creative.  I might buy a cricut just for this event… lol – My best friend did awesome decorations for my shower with it and I might follow suit.

beautiful banners

I might also go with a non-theme along the lines of two of my favorite bloggers here and here – they are so simple and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy me.  Some balloons great colors and not really too themey – yeah totally me!  I even love the colors, so we shall see but the wheels in my head are definitely turning and I’m already on the lookout for lots of these:


I obviously will be going a dark blue, light blue, white, yellow, green route to be safe 😉

I’m also thinking about hiring a photographer.  One thing I regret most about my parenting experience so far is taking professional photographs.  We never did.  I did not do pregnancy professional shots (I should have) and I did not do newborn shots (I REALLY SHOULD HAVE) and I have not had any candid shots of his life yet so far (you can guess would should go in big bold letters here)… So if you have the $$, do it.  I do not think if you hire the right photog, you can go wrong.  Pictures last forever.

I am excited about decking out our backyard and garage and hanging with the people I love most and celebrating a year with the best thing that has ever happened to us:


Have any awesome party ideas?  What should we do for the big O-N-E, what should we skip?

The Purge.

It is Spring. It is Spring.  I hope the more I say it the more I will feel it.  The weather here has been… way less then stellar but last week we sure had April Showers:


Roads are still flooded after tons and TONS of rain hit the midwest.  Luckily we only got a bit of water, I feel lucky because I know people had TONS of water inches, even a foot and we had some puddles but nothing devastating.


We have been dealing with a sick teething miserable baby lately, he is getting FOUR top teeth at the exact same time and has been battling a cold and fever.  So our sleep [well my sleep & his sleep] has been pretty non-existent.  But for some reason (likely the sun) I am feeling much more energized these days.  I’m feeling the need to clean up and organize.  It is super refreshing.  Hopefully the warm weather will follow this little guy’s lead and help my motivation to purge:

DSC_0597Ahh! We have FLOWERS and snow. haha.

So I’m in the mood to purge, I’m packing away Evan’s 3-6 month clothing *sobs* I have been putting it off because it is hard to let go of my little baby’s clothing.  I’m also purging a great deal of my clothing.  I almost threw out a pair of my size 0 jeans but decided to try them on and… THEY FIT! Snug, but they fit!  So I’ll be keeping those; but I’m getting rid of a lot of things because we have way too much and I figure if I need something, I should supplement with new things.

I have a good feeling about the future, all organized and beautfied and we will be getting vitamin D the way we were meant to -from a little bit of sunshine:

DSC_0223 DSC_0260 DSC_0317 DSC_0321


We were cleaning up the garage a bit, and are pretty excited about our new home. I’m also crazy excited for my BFF, she is getting a BEAUTIFUL new home and reminding me to follow my dreams of being a yoga instructor (Fall 2013 or Spring 2014, it is happening! **funds allowing lol) between her and my other best who is having a baby… making me slightly baby crazy!  I’m very excited about this summer!!!

9 Months – My Everything.

It is pretty simple, nothing makes me happier than this little guy:

DSC_0725I never knew a love like this could exist.  The thought of my baby, makes my heart ache with happiness and eyes swell with the purest of happy tears.

He is simply amazing.  During today’s photo-shoot we listened to the Lumineers and played “it” except my Evan wasn’t trying to escape me, he was trying to escape my camera:



But he did allow me to catch some sweet moments – but not too many smiles (probably my fault for taking pictures before his morning nap was over)



This month has, of course, flown by.  He is just as charming as ever and perfecting his crawling (or floor surfing… at the speed of light), standing strong, learning to fall to the floor (shits his butt back when standing and throws his arms out), babbling!  So good “Ma—–Ma!” and “Paaaaaaaaaaa – pa!” 😀 – Something I’m totally still loving is that he always wants “Ma………Ma!”



Dear Evan:

You will never understand how much I love you.  It is truly impossible because I cannot even wrap my head around it.  You complete everything.  You are just the sweetest boy.  You love giving kisses and still will indulge us with cuddle time (it short bursts, my little busy body)… You are brilliant, naturally 😉

You LOVE bathtime!  It is so cute and yesterday we sat you in the big tub. *Cries* You are just growing so incredibly fast, I feel like I cannot spend enough time with you.

This month you really have started to talk, Ma-ma, Pa-pa, ba-ba, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my can you scream!  Right now I’m blogging while you hang with daddy and I can hear you sprinting for the office door – [and just like that you stole me away until I put you down for your morning nap – you are in bed with daddy and I’m totally going to sneak in pictures after this post].

You really don’t like having your diaper changed lately, you sob, actually.  It breaks my heart everytime because you get real tears and they roll down the sides of your face 😦

You also are teething once again, a top tooth has broken through on the right side and so grandma buys you new teething rings every day – she is the best.  But night time isn’t so fun.  You also had your first cold this past month!  IT was HORRIBLE, it was a cold plus fever plus teething… you were miserable.  I remember crying while holding you because all you wanted to do was be in my arms and as I held your feverish body my whole being ached for you.  I wanted to take it all away – I looked for comfort from my mom and Auntie Nicole – I’m lucky I have them.

You eat like a champ.  Momma cooks most of your food for you some favorite combos?  Zucchini banana, apple broccoli and spinach peas and pears!  My baby will eat greens if I mix them with a little fruit.  ❤  My little mighty man.

Can you please stop growing so fast?  Every day I feel like I want to freeze time.  I want to soak everything in.  My heart swells with joy at your milestones but it also aches because I know that this won’t last forever.  I know you will always be my baby, but as you grow and explore the world I know you will consider yourself a big boy.  You are going to be so independent… you are well on your way.  Each day, I see it in minute baby steps of independence the way you concentrate about the outcomes of things or gently feel your way to make steps (walking is so right around the corner) and all I want to do is hold you close and keep you from those bumps I know will happen along the way… The face plants when you crawl a little too fast or bumping your head into the wall trying to climb it… I want to shield you from all the pains in life.  I know this is impossible, but something you will never grasp (until you are maybe a parent yourself someday) is how much I love you.  There is simply no way.  I would absolutely walk to the ends of the earth for you.

I love you, so much that I cannot comprehend it…

Happy 9 months my little love, you have been out in this world just as long as you grew inside momma, it is amazing how I can’t remember life without you.



DSC_0734 DSC_0736 DSC_0739 DSC_0746 DSC_0747 DSC_0757 DSC_0779 DSC_0814



When any weekend comes I typically feel an intense weight lift off my shoulders.  This week was especially heavy with the disaster explosion in TX and of course the horrible act of terrorism in Boston.

As a runner, I know Boston, it is the Superbowl of marathons… Those friends, family and strangers cheering those awesome runners on and the absolute terror of the events – it is simply unthinkable to me.  Gives me a reason to lace up those shoes and join more races though.  Running means something different to everyone.   Some do it to stay fit.  Some do it to stay sane.  Some just want all the cool medals and bragging rights.  Something in common with runners?  We are dedicated.  Whether we are running and thinking “I. hate. this” but love the runners high effect that comes after a good run or if you are that flyer sprinter whose feet barely touch the ground and you glide with ease for miles… we are dedicated.



My heart, soul and whole being goes out to those injured, to the friends, family and loved ones who lost someone on what is supposed to be such a triumphant day.

What I hope comes out of this, is a renewed drive to continue to lace up those shoes for charities, for health and fitness, for the bragging rights of saying “I’m a runner” “I’m a marathoner” “I run, just because” and for any crazy reason people who feel the need to get miles in.  Us runners will move on and for some time we will #runforBoston

I’m already brainstorming on the races I’ll be joining in the near future… Today I’m taking my shoes to he pavement in my neighborhood and every step I take will be for everyone effected by this tragedy – God Bless.

lacethem up!

Run. On.



Yesterday was awesome.  I spent time with a dear friend of mine who is having a baby, I’m so excited.  I know this must be how my bff, Nicole must have felt when I was pregnant.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful people I’m surrounding by.  I honestly have the most thoughtful, loving friends and I cannot imagine my life without them.

loved ones best2

I mention this because with my new job I have been evaluating the fact that my education did  matter (you need a degree for the job, my previous position was a learn as you go, no degree required position). However, I still feel that the most amazing part of my education was the people I met along the way.  I met Nicole and Joanna and all my other very close friends in school.  I realize now, more then ever, how important relationships are and how that the older you get and when you have children how your time becomes stretched so thin… You can barely make the time to cook dinner let alone plan girl time (which I realize needs to start taking a much higher priority, I miss my friends).  I also realize that these two wonderful ladies and I will always share something so special… Our boys.

In these early years of their lives (Jackson will be the oldest by a 1 year and 1/4ish, Evan will be older then the youngest by just shy of a year, but they all will be born within 2 1/2 years of each other) we will all be gushing about our loving boys, and we will be able to talk about their stages and what they are doing.  As they get older, we will be able to complain to each other about how they are becoming too independent .. We will be able to complain about their girlfriends and celebrate their achievements, we will be able to cry together about how fast they grow… It truly is such a blessing because no one understands until you have children the fierce love you have for them and I feel lucky to have shared so much with these ladies and look forward to those moments where we just understand where each other is coming from, I mean it is crazy, but deaths, graduations, engagements  weddings, first babies, jobs, teacher-training HUGE life events I have been able to share with them and even if we don’t see each other even monthly I know they love me just as fiercely as I love them.

Why the friend love?  Because I feel lucky.  I’ve been so sick the past month and a half with my rib injury and with this cough that I feel like I will have for the rest of my life, and through it I still get that message on fb or that text and it just feels good, I feel the love and sometimes I don’t think I can adequately express how much those couple sentences mean, or the simple text of “Hey I knew you would understand/appreciate this” even the “can you believe this?” messages make me happy because I know that even if I can’t respond right away they thought of me the way I think of them, a friend to talk to, to just get things off my chest to.

When you have a baby your world is taken over by them.  With all my new roles I feel like I’m finally starting to figure things out, and I don’t know if my friends realize how much they mean to me so a new goal of mine is going to be to reach out more, and it might be a slow go for now but it is a goal. ❤


Healthy relationships are so important, and it took me a long time to weed out toxic ones from my life, I still have difficulty with it – I want to stay friends with everyone but now with family and work and everything, I realize those toxic relationships really are not worth it.  The ones that are?  The ones I have, I hope all my friends know that I love them and feel so lucky to share their excitement, sadness, life events… ❤

Hug people, love people, take pictures and write notes. <<<< my few words of wisdom on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Things we are loving – low chemical edition

Ah, shameless plug!  Like me on facebook! 🙂

It has been a while since I posted about my favorite items.  So here. goes. nothing!

My bff, has posted how she has gone the natural route lately and because we are so alike I naturally have done that too.  We are on the same wave length, or separated at birth lol…

I slowly started jumping on this no chemical bandwagon that went full speed ahead when I got prego with my sweet baby. Think about how much pollution we take in on a daily basis, there are chemicals EVERYWHERE.  I use to have a huge problem with ache and would buy EVERY over-the-counter (and prescription)  chemical on the planet to make it go away, one day, I was looking at my towels and noticed there were bleach stains all over them.  Naturally, I yelled at my then boyfriend/now husband Hector, because I figured it was him doing a terrible job with the laundry .. He swore up and down he did not bleach the laundry and even if he did how would the pattern happen (he was right…).  So I then thought it was his shampoo or something (you have to blame the men, right? lol), until one day I thought to myself… holy. crap.  acids in my face wash.  Sure enough I tested my theory with a freshly colored non-stained towel and whola, bleach stains.  Ever since that moment I decided no more acids, no more strong chemicals, how could something that bleaches colors out of fabrics be good to put on my face and soak into my body?

Strange thing?  My face DRAMATICALLY cleared up when I switched to face soaps with less chemicals, I kid you not it was a DRAMATIC difference (that and a great diet, lots of water and good fats).  My current favorite?  It is a BAR!

Kiss my face

Honestly, I love this stuff!  My face feels clean, never dry and super crazy awesome blemish free.  I follow up with a rose water toner and a moisturizer, coconut oil! ❤

Coconut oil is a bigggggggggggg deal in my household.  We use it for everything, from Evan’s skin, to cooking, to my skin, Evan’s food, Oso’s food… My favorite face scrub right now is: coffee grounds and coconut oil – yep! That is all, it leaves my face smooth and happy!  😀

As far as chemicals around the house, I have been a longtime user of environmentally friendly products that I buy at Target and Whole Paycheck.  This is especially important to me because of Evan, when I clean something I expect some sort of residue to be left behind and with a mobile baby, I don not want that to be harmful, so I clean with eco-friendly, low chemical products (vinegar and baking soda work great too!)  Some include:
Mrs. Meyers
naturally it’s clean (whole foods)

My bff has been experimenting with making her own cleaning solutions and I must say I’d love to start 😉

Baby cleaning.  Evan’s skin isn’t the most sensitive on the planet (lucky me and lucky him!), but I’m CRAZY about what goes onto his body.  We are and have been loving Babo Botanicals (specifically Oatmilk Calendula), Earth Mama Angel Baby and California Baby products.

DSC_0636 DSC_0641


He smells amazing after bath time:



My husband thinks I am a little crazy about the products, and that sometimes I spend a little too much on things BUT that is the great thing about parenting and becoming an adult.  I can do whatever I want 🙂

Leaving judgment at the door, this is what works for my family and I know medicines and chemicals have helped countless people but in my little unit the natural stuff works much better and I FEEL much better about using it. I like to share what works for my family because when I blog surf I get great ideas and try out new products and choose what works for us so right now that is all of the above.

Now off for a breakfast date with a best of mine and my new lil bf growing in her belly, followed by a sweaty sesh at my new gym!

xoxo I’m going to follow up with a date night post (our second real date since Evan, go us!)!  How cute is this:


Evan’s First Easter [In Pictures]

As far as holidays go I will remember:

DSC_0258 DSC_0232 DSC_0196 DSC_0120 - Copy DSC_0114 DSC_0061 DSC_0057 DSC_0041 - Copy DSC_0031 DSC_0017


I’ve never been so happy, so alive.  I live for the little things and my smiling baby just sends me over the edge.  Although I was still pretty sick (finally feeling a bitttttttttttt better – I cannot describe how absolutely amazing it feels to have my little guy to share the holidays with.

His smiling, his sprint crawling, drooling, loving… his open mouth kisses.


I. die.

So. happy. ❤