That’s a Wrap!

Well, we came, we signed, we closed.

Another huge, life changing event, complete.

We have keys:


We are officially on a couple “happy clients” lists:



We also have awesome people who have supported us – I swear I am so lucky. So. Lucky.  My mom came, and DIDN’T CRY! 🙂

Today we are bringing over essentials so we can do a little work, what essentials you say?

  • ipod dock + ipod
  • wipes, diapers, a few bibs and a extra outfits
  • a coffee pot and a few mugs
  • deodorant
  • my water bottle!!!
  • a couple candles for a homey scent
  • Tea pot and tea!

AND, I’m stopping at the store for fresh fruit, easy to eat veggies and healthy snacks, although the pizza last night was awesome, my tummy is not happy this morning!

Although we don’t officially move until next week there are a few odds and ends we need to get up and done before we move, so I need to decide on paint colors, buy outlet covers and get soap for the bathrooms (we have toilet paper, and paper towels there already 😉 ) – This was such a crazy experience and like many things just fell into place, really the way things should.  Things shouldn’t be too “forced” in life.  I haven’t posted much about it because I knew at any moment it could fall through.. Bank could have rejected our bid, our loan could have been stalled… all that stuff. Yet, everything slowly worked out and we were lucky to have the opportunity to take advantage of a short-sale due to our current landlord.  In a short-sale world ours closed on the shorter end of the spectrum, in about 3 1/2 months.  It is definitely not unheard of for these processes to take 6, 7 even 8 months on the long end.  So we feel lucky, because you get a little antsy right about now!

Everything is totally moving right along… With that I must say, I have a busy day!

Off to the dentist, followed by some flash packing, driving, the Blackhawks, friends, Costco and chillen with that little dude:

here come the hawks!



Friday Fitness – Family Style.

Hello all!

Happy Friday!  Fridays are always (as I’ve said before) a little more exciting then other days of the week.  Especially THIS Friday.  We are closing! I’ll have to post about our crazy short-sale experience and all that stuff that goes along with buying your first home via this avenue.  It has been SUCH A JOURNEY and I can’t wait to share the pros and cons of this sorta popular way to buy these days.

Back to fitness.  With today being closing day, we might only get in the fitness walking around our new home with baby on the hip and lots of hugs from friends and family.  This weekend will be dedicated to upper body (via a fancy paint roller and some heavy paint…).  Family fitness is cool! I’m starting Evan out young we practice upper body and core control together:


It is in my dreams that I’d be making it to a heated yoga class tonight, I still might.  I finally got my new mat and got to use it at a private Pilates session (LOVE. love love, more on that later – I never thought I’d be able to say the words private session in this blog but I have some pretty awesome friends lol).  It has to make it to a yoga class before the first week of its life is over, you must celebrate these purchases, what better then sweating  😉

Any-who what are your Friday fitness plans??


Planning for the Week

This weekend was awesome.  My sweet hubby and I FINALLY made time for a date night, we enjoyed some clean eats (spinach, gornozola, pecans and salmon salad for me and a chorizo and spinach flatbread for him) and a awesome glass of red:



We also had a great conversation about life, future goals and all that grown up fun stuff.  It was great way to kick back and relax and it reminded us we need to make time for just us a little more often.  I honestly had sort of forgotten how much we had in common.

Not going to lie, I missed my little dude he has been so smiley and awesome even with his teething.  He has two little teeth that cut through right in front, and he has handled it like a champ.  His sleeping is all over the place but I like when he wants nighttime cuddles (call me crazy, but the feeling I get from soothing my upset baby really is something I enjoy… even live for).  Granted, I do need my sleep, but for now the little night ninja is keeping me on my toes and I’m OK with that.

Yesterday we got up, started cleaning and organizing and I had a ton of cuddle time with my little guy.  He slept on my chest while I got some work done:



I look worse for wear but it was a lazy Sunday and I stayed in my workout clothes and cuddled up.  Perfection.  I love how the only thing you can see are his little baby lips in this picture ❤  Here he is up close:



Man oh man to I love this little nugget so much. SO much.

Something that came up on our weekend chat? Fitness, of course.  My sweet husband has been an intemmitant lifter.  He hates cardio, and really just tells me he isn’t interested in fitness.  He comes around a bit when his weight hits a high point then he decides “no, I want to work out” he will clean up a little bit in the eating department and drop a few lbs and the idea of becoming more active leaves his body.  This makes me nuts.  I think it is great that people get motivated when they want to change the number on the scale but to me, fitness is SO. MUCH. MORE. to me.

When I wake up in the morning and have my cup of coffee I daydream about the daily fitness I am going to get in. I get excited about it.  When I’m actually doing the activity of choice sometimes I hate it (this happens A LOT with running) but when I’m done my mind, body and soul feel so fulfilled. You never regret a workout.  It is so not just physical for me, it helps my mental state so much.  Since Evan has been born, I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time fitness takes a backseat.  I don’t want it to but when I roll out of bed with a few hours of sleep, work a full day and do my daily commute and find time to pump so he can eat while I’m away… Sometimes even the best laid plans take a backseat to baby cuddles and an evening nap that turns into a very early bedtime.  But each week gets a bit better, one step forward.

ANYWAY, my point is, I love health and fitness, I live and breathe it. I sorta beat myself up for not doing a science and being a personal trainer/yoga instructor  etc. (still a future goal!) Our bodies are so important to take care of, no more so then ever with my little guy I need to make sure I do everything I can to stay happy and healthy for him, for a long time.  I really hope the hubs gets on the bandwagon.

Today I’m going to do another heated yoga class or a boo-tay workout with that crazy sister of mine.



My newest motivation to stay happy and healthy is to be the best mother I can be.  ❤

Happy Monday!

Do you workout for the fun of it? Is it a chore to you?  How do you get your friends/spouse/partner motivated to hit the gym, take a class or do a DVD?

Friday Fitness! [by one humbled yogi]

It is FRIDAY! After a late night at the office, I’m ready to make sure the second it is 5:00 I’m out the door, running home to my sweet baby and off to another challenging yoga class at what I like to call my heated wonderland, crazy happy place.  Who am I kidding? The class isn’t until 7:00 p.m., so I guess I could stay late but I’m hoping I can be super productive today and I will be out at 5:00 if only to meditate a bit more on my intention of the month.

mat work

So rewind to Wednesday.  I’m chatting with a co-worker and friend, trying to get him to go to my heated intermediate yoga class, to which he replies “I will die, no thanks.”  I tried to encourage him that he wouldn’t die, that the beauty of this class is that he could modify and he’d be fine.  Sure it wasn’t beginner but in beginner classes they break down all the poses and move a tad slower, in the class I was asking him to go to they don’t break down the poses as much because they assume you are familiar with them but they give you cues nonetheless.  I have known him for many years, I knew he could and would be perfectly fine as 1) he is brilliant and 2) he has had a lot of practice.  Well, he said definitely not.  So I went alone, no biggie, I always do.

I got to class early, noticed that there were quiet a few people there considering it was early so I figured the class might get pretty full.  I took my mat, towel and water bottle and moved to the front corner of the room.  I had been in pretty full classes before and have found I do much better if I’m closer to the front and if I can have a wall as one neighbor I find my balance poses are not compromised.  What I didn’t pay attention to was the heating vent I laid right next to (ha!).  I laid on my mat thinking of my intention trying to relax and release tension (typically I stretch for the whole time before class but I wanted to clear my mind and focus, as it had been a tough mental day).  I opened my eyes to a gentle tap that asked if I could move closer to the wall (I wasn’t more then a foot away from the heating vent) and at that moment noticed that the class IS ABSOLUTELY PACKED.  The mats were only about 4 inches from each other (without exaggeration).  Why is this crazy to me? Well, as stated I was next to the heating vent (which I noticed as the warm air was running over my body while trying to focus) in the far corner of the room and when there are that many bodies a 98 degree room can get much hotter and stay a lot hotter, I figured “psht. I’ve been in 90 minute Birkam classes, I’ll be fine.”

Oh. M. Gee.

Bikram is a series of 26 static postures… This class I was taking was a vinyasa flow, and boy. was. it. challenging. Wonderfully challenging and crazy hot (helllllllllllllo heat vent in my face).  This class humbled me so much.  The packed class (which gave me slight anxiety) was just challenging enough that even though I could touch my neighbors to the front, side and back… my mat was all I focused on (and someones rolled up pair of pants against the mirror (LOL).  That is when you know you have a good class, when you can’t focus on anything but what you are doing when your body immediately responds to the instructors verbal adjustments before they are even fully articulated.

Needless to say, I’m excited about today’s class.

Flickr-down-dog-lululemon-athletica Source

My Friday Fitness will be another intermediate vinyasa flow (heated).

What about you?!

Catching up.

Phew! These weeks are just, flying.  We are 6 days into the new year and I must say my life has already been flipped upside down, in an amazing way. [More on that later]

But, it hasn’t been short of absolutely cray.  Fitting in time for everything I want to do is always going to be a challenge, but I like challenges 😉

I recently decided my fitness goal is going to do 120 days of yoga.  I believe I’m going to start the daily practice sometime next month as I have some time consuming projects taking place this month (i.e. moving! and all that fun stuff that goes with it like packing haha… probably) and I’m not going to put added pressure on my shoulders.  I’m going to practice as I please and hit the weights (my FAVORITE way to de-stress).

I did make it to this place yesterday:

cpyOh yea.  One happy momma.  It was wonderfully challenging and a warm.  I LOVE heated yoga classes in the wintertime!

I’m also still in the hunt for the perfect yoga mat.  I keep going back and forth but I have a feeling when I go to use my giftcards at a certain store that practically absorbs my money I might get a shiny new mat to match.  The only thing holding me back is reviews regarding major chemical smells…  How did people shop without the internet?  I feel lucky that I’ll never have to know 😉

What else is new around here?  Well:


Hockey is back!  I’m not the HUGEST fan or anything but my family goes NUTS over hockey so E is sporting his Chicago Blackhawks gear today.  His Auntie Cole (maybe even both his Auntie Coles) is screaming her head off right now… I can hear her from miles away.

Basically, I’m catching up on things.  We are eating right, exercising and enjoying my little man and my redbox case eating bear (Oso!!).  While crossing our fingers on the house and getting excited about new endeavors on my end.

Also, who am I kidding? As soon as I get my new kicks, I’ll be running again regularly too.  If I register for the Soldier Field 10 miler before the 16th it is 10 bucks off, I’m a sucker for deals 😉 and nothing gets the mileage back up to par then a great race, right?

What are you up to on the fitness front? Hockey fan? Happy Sunday!!!





New Year

Well, if you haven’t noticed we have entered 2013!  I must say 2012 was so good to me.  I had a beautiful healthy baby boy:


Although he wasn’t in “the Plan” to begin with, he has been the most blessed curve ball the universe could have thrown me and he has made my plans for the future much clearer as well as taught me to live in the moment.  His baby breath, sweet smiles and awesome disposition continue to be my favorite part of the day.

I must say 2012 has been consumed by him, and learning to adjust to becoming a parent.  It is hard for me to justify ever being away from him when I’m home from work so allowing my fitness goals to be a little more loose has been an adjustment that I hope to tighten up on in 2013 as he becomes more an more independent *sniff, sniff*.  However, Hector and I also took the leap and went under contract on a new house, so we have been busy behind the scenes with other things, too.

I have thought a lot about career goals for the future and more personal goals (a half marathon maybe? or a 120 day yoga challenge ) I’m still up in the air but something about 1/1/2013 makes you feel like you can start things off clean and on the right track.  I’m not huge on new years resolutions because I feel you should re-invent yourself and adjust goals at all times of the year but if the Jan. 1, 2013 lights your fire as a good place to start, power to you!  I am using it as a start to make sure I remain on the right track as far as health and fitness.

Cleaning up my eating habits even more is huge right now.  With my little night ninja, fitting in work, some fitness, and some personal study time on other things has proven to be difficult and I feel like sometimes night time dinner is the first thing to go south.  Why?  My husband works long hours, I work long hours, we want to get home and just be together but now we have to also focus on getting our family back to as healthy as can be.

I hope your new year is happy, healthy and fit!  I hope that your goals get realized and that things challenge you (life would be terribly boring without a challenge).  

Be back with a baby’s first Christmas post!  I told you 2012 was awesome. 😉