Friday Fitness

Hello all!

It is a day that usually gives me a little extra pep in my step.  Most people how know me are thinking, how is that possible? I’m usually an energy master, everyday.  However Fridays I find myself with an extra ump in my day – I want to make sure to end my weeks on a good note!

So today I’m going to a class, and hoping that I won’t smash my face into my mat too much. 😉 You see whenever I work on inversions I always tell myself – you won’t face plant and I feel so good about this until one second as I’m lifting a leg off the wall and an actual handstand for a few seconds I get so excited that that leaves my mind and it is like “BAM! Helloooo yoga mat, I just wanted to be closer to you ;-)”

Anti-Gravity Yoga
Anti-Gravity Yoga

I think I need some Anti-gravity Yoga in my life 😉

What are your Friday Fitness Plans?!


Keep it Simple

Just sending positive reminders to everyone.

LOVING some little [huge major major huge important] things:

– Friends who understand me.  How did I get so lucky?

– The steam room at my gym, I daydream about it during cardio [which means I should kick it up a notch like when I do weights… all I can think about is “breathe, breathe” ahhh my happy place]

– Coconut oil = my secret weapon

– Some easy flows on the yoga mat

– My husband


-Cuddle time, of course.

– itunes.

– my sweaty time. love. my. sweaty. time.

Off to finish up prepping for my day.  What is on everyone’s menu for lunch?  I need to remember my spinach for my spinach, avocado and hummus wrap – I also am going to try to get the hubs to make me a breakfast smoothie:  protein, almond milk, handful spinach, banana and maybe a bit o’almond butter.  wish. me. luck.



4 Months [More and More in Love]

Well father time has left me blindsided once again because just like that another month gone and my little dude just continues to grow:

We have had so much fun this month.  Even though you aren’t my itty bitty baby anymore you are just so unbelievably amazing.

You still love your blankets, they are becoming a security thing and luckily they are breathable because you pull them right up to your face.  This week you also started playing in your excersaucers and you really enjoy them.  It is amazing how quickly you went from not being ready to being ready for them.  I wish time would slow down a little  because you change so much daily – I want to soak it all in.

What are you loving this month?  Your hands, they are always in your mouth.  You are also a rockstar at grabbing items and putting them in your mouth.  This past month you GIGGLED!  I almost died, it was so cute!  You don’t do it often, you still enjoy your what I lovingly call “laugh scream” 😉 – The toys you are loving are the winkle matthaten toy, your baby Eisenstein piano and a few organic toys I picked up for you from a local green store: Green Home Experts [today is small business day, if you are going out stop by and give some love!].

Dear Evan:

You continue to teach me so much, you are simply so amazing, I know i keep saying it but you are.  My favorite moments these days happen in the morning when you wake up and I cuddle with you – I never thought in a million years I could feel so strongly for anyone, but when I look at you I am overwhelmed with emotion and love.  You will never understand the depth of my love for you, but I will continue to hug and kiss you daily and remind you.

I remember being pregnant and telling your daddy that we wouldn’t have time to watch tv, or cuddle – I felt sad at the thought I wouldn’t be able to spend so much time at the gym… I remember thinking they would all become sacrifices but now that you are here I don’t want to watch tv, and I definitely don’t just want to waste time at the gym I want to get in – sweat – and get out.   I want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can and it does not at all feel like I’m sacrificing anything it is exactly where I want to be.  I have never felt so complete and happy in my life.  You make daddy, Oso and I so happy <3.

You are such a healthy little nugget and I thank God every day for that.  You are also just so amazingly happy all.the.time.  You have your exhausted red eyed angry moments (your eyes get red when your tired, a clear indicator that you need some sleep) but they are easily pacified by loving arms, your swing or momma’s horrible voice singing “twinkle twinkle little star” you LOVE this, and I have no idea why, because my ears want to bleed when I’m listening to myself sing it (there is no X-Factor in your momma’s future).

You LOVE music, absolutely love it, Pandora calms you when you do something you currently really dislike – nighttime car rides.  *sigh* the hardest part of my days lately are the rides home from work with you.  You really do not like that nighttime drive home, and it breaks my heart.  But taking you upstairs and cuddling you makes me so happy, as soon as you see my face it is an instant pacifier ❤ You know the way to a girl’s heart.

I’m enjoying every.single.second with you.  My awesome

Love you!!!


Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Yesterday was awesome.  It was another year spent with loved ones – we all sat around another beautifully decorated table:

Lots of laughter and love:

Some awesome food that SOMEHOW didn’t get photographed… I have approximately 150 photos from yesterday and I only have ONE picture of ONE of the many food items but it included an awesome turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, twice baked potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and these beauties:

Usually the food is the main attraction but this year I think this one stole the show:

It was, after all, his first Thanksgiving:

[awesome turkey on the butt 😉 — Only a baby can pull that off ❤ ]

Very simply put.  It was the most amazing day.  I hope everyone got in something special – for me it was all about hugging these people close and reminding them I am thankful for them each and every day:

Giving Thanks

Even though it is the day after Thanksgiving – I still need to count my blessings.  I try to live each day with gratitude because there is so much in my life I’m thankful for.

[It sort of goes without saying, but I’ll put it in plain English anyway – these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER]

1.  So Thankful for Family.  This year my family has been so amazingly supportive.  I’m a lucky girl:

God really has blessed me with family, I’ll never ever be able to justify in words how much they mean to me.

My sister, Nicole:  You are AMAZING. So strong. So beautiful.

My brother, Joey:  You are capable of great things, I’m holding you to that standard.  Lets get at it.

My mother: Clearly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love and support.  We’ve discussed this, but simply you are amazing in every.way.

My father:  Your warmth and love knows no bounds. I love you.

2.  My son.  Evan.  He is my world.  My little bundle of joy that I just can’t get enough of – he is perfection in a tiny package.  My little love who just

3. I’m also grateful for the little things in life:  Light traffic days, smiles at work and kind words on rough days.

4.  My morning coffee:

I need to make a point to enjoy it a bit more each day.

4.  My wonderful puppy, Oso – with the new baby and getting adjusted to our new family member – he has been amazing.  He is still the biggest love bug and gets so excited for love sometimes he cries kind of like “please don’t stop petting me.”  I can’t wait until we get the new house and can take him on more walks because he is just a blast still.

5.  Speaking of dogs, Mr. Gandalf – a golden retriever that I can’t imagine life without:

He is 11 years old, and just the sweetest dog I have ever met.  He is so gentle and loving ❤

6.  Food!  I have to be thankful that I have the knowledge and passion for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  I also have to be thankful that I can afford fresh fruits, veggies and all that good stuff that helps me and my little family stay healthy.

7.  A home.  I am thankful everyday that I have a roof over my head, walls that keep my baby warm.

8.  My laptop – so I can blog, surf the web and spend way too much time comparison shopping 😉

9.  My FRIENDS.  Again, this year really has been a great one and my friends have never been more supportive and wonderful.  I simply can’t imagine my life without them.  In fact, they are family to me.  I’m so excited to share all the memories we build together.  I have a beautiful nephew that is going to teach my son how cool cars are and how to play angry birds.  I have a friend who is kicking butt on a Pilates mat that inspires me to further my fitness (she is my other fitness half 😉 ) – I also have another friend who reminds me that school was worth it – if I wouldn’t have been working towards my degree I would have never met her, and she is just the most wonderful person.  I’m so excited for all of our futures together and organizing a wine and book night.

10. itunes:  When I was first pregnant (this time last year) I was so sick that I couldn’t even listen to music.  I remember feeling SICK when music would play I have no idea what caused this but it was like ALL of my favorite things were taken away: coffee, music, veggies… But that part of pregnancy made me appreciate how much I love them again and that I have to cherish it.  I love my music library and ipods so I’m super grateful for that.

11.  Being employed.

12. Evan’s swing.  He loves this thing.  I love that it can comfort him.

13. My Gym and everything FITNESS related   I’m so blessed to be able to go to the gym, work out my muscles and hit the yoga mat.  As Evan gets a bit older, I push it a little harder.  My cuddle time with him is everything to me – but keeping myself strong and healthy for him is also something I’m immeasurably thankful for.

14. Nursing goodies – medela and lansinoh keep my baby happy and healthy.  Sure I’m not always excited to spend the 15 minutes hooked up to a machine but it allows me to give my baby the best nourishment I can – and for that – I’m beyond beyond beyond far beyond grateful.

15. My Camera – how could I capture as much as I can without it?

16.  My kindle – with the click of a button I can borrow a book (thanks Amazon Prime! I love you too!) or buy a new hit without leaving the comfort of my bed or disturbing a sweet sleeping baby in my arms.

17. Girly things like nail polish, awesome smelling candles and undying love for the special people in my life 😉

18. My First Time Mom’s group on facebook – there is something so special about sharing my new mom journey with them.  I’m totally grateful for the wonderful ladies I have met on that site. ❤

19. My yoga mat(s) – LOTS and LOTS of stress is released here. As well as some serious strengthening.  On my Christmas list this year is a Manduka Pro 😉 it will likely be a gift to myself.

20.  Fresh flowers and beautiful weather. Falling leaves, the smell of burning wood and sounds of people leading their daily lives on my runs (i.e. skateboards, kids screaming at each other and people chit chatting with neighbors).  I LOVE taking in the sights & sounds when I’m on a run ❤

21.  Friendly hugs any day 😉

22. Aden & Anais blankets [Especially the Bamboo ones] – These almost instantly sooth my sweet baby and he has been wrapped up in one (or two) of these every day since his first day of life:

23. My Husband.  There are days when I totally take him for granted.  He is absolutely amazing though and this year has been a huge year.  I mean we got married, had a baby and bought a house [under contract as we speak, fingers crossed it works out ;-)] in ONE year.  Also in that year he had supported my fitness efforts, carrying our beautiful baby, dealt with my SUPER emotional days (both the good days and bad) and he has always stuck by my side.  He is my best friend and soulmate and I’m SO PROUD to be his wife and I’m SO PROUD of all he does every day.  He is absolutely amazing with our son and I look forward to every second they spend together.  I truly cherish you my husband:

The Ghost of Thanksgiving’s Past

Well. No-Not a REAL ghost.  I just needed a fun title, did it work?  Eh. I hope to get better at this.

Thanksgiving.  What an awesome time of year.  A day dedicated to being thankful.  2012 has been an amazing year and I have so much gratitude.  This year on the day before Thanksgiving, my sweet baby turned four months old [mushy letter, and cute pictures to follow in our four month update].

My mom brought us up on big holidays – Lots of family, lots of pretty things and lots of FOOD.  Even though my sister and I follow some sort of clean eating diet, Thanksgiving is a day where we eat foods that we don’t typically want to… In moderation.  I don’t plan on stuffing myself silly – there is a turkey that gets that 😉 so here are some pictures of Thanksgiving’s Past:

Oso’s First Turkey Day 2010

Last year I was overwhelmed my morning sickness.  I remember thinking “I will NEVER do this AGAIN” – This year that is a distant memory and my view has been completely changed. My beautiful four month old is and was worth IT ALL and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I can’t wait to update you on the treats of the day.  I’m planning my very own Turkey Trot 5k followed by food, football and love, love love.


My Happy Place

So it has begun.  Trips to my happy place, just me, my ipod, some awesome workout clothes, and weights for days ❤

It has been 4 months since I have visited this place, and they said Rome wasn’t built in a day but this building was:

As I drove the very familiar bath suddenly there was this new massive glass building – not there the last day I was at the gym… now it was – the path is so unchanged that it looks like it popped up overnight.  The picture was taken in my car = thus the blurry-ness.  Of course I’m sure this building wasn’t built in a day but it wasn’t there four months ago but everything was heart warmingly similar:

My locker:

My favorite cardio machine:

The weights – I love weightlifting.  I absolutely love it.  Probably my favorite thing to do at my gym is weight-lift.   I feel so strong and awesome and I love looking at the boys who think they know what they are doing but have the wrong form haha:

[This is one of the many weight sections, but I personally LOVE this one because it is near the stretchy section – unfortunately I do not have a picture]

It was awesome to lift a bunch of heavy weights – including my favorite tri workout (pulldowns).  It reminds me that I would like to invest in heavier weights for at home use.

My current goal is strength   I used to be a female muscle machine, now I’m more like a milk machine with hints of strength   I know this will take time, and I still have to find my complete groove, so thanks for joining on my journey – I have a FOUR month update (I know can you BELIEVE it!?) coming up, so stay tuned.

My body was amazingly sore the day after this trip. With the holidays it feels good to get back here and get back at it. What has changed?  I’m in and out.  Now that I have a beautiful baby at home I get in – go crazy and leave.  No more walking around taking my time, enjoying the scenery now I work my butt off – maximize time so I can get home to this:

I LIVE for our late night cuddle sessions, I used to want to be at the gym forever and sit in the steamroom until my pores screamed “get me out!” — Now I’m planning on being efficient so I get home and hug it out with him and my other two boys.

Happy Monday!  This short week is a great week to fit in some exercise so that you don’t feel as guilty indulging a little.


DIY – Burlap Tree

Tis the season – We start decorating for the holidays right around Thanksgiving and my mom couldn’t resist putting up her tree so Evan could see it:

He is a huge fan of lights so he loved the colors.  This is the first year my mom has had a colored tree since I was little.  My sister is less than thrilled by Evan adores it.  I’m sure it reminds him of Baby Einstein a major favorite these days.

Evan got to wear his Patagonia hoodie today, as with all hoodies he was not the biggest fan but he sure did look cute:

You can always tell when Hector takes photographs because we always are bleached out 😉  I think we look like vamps (Did anyone see Breaking Dawn?  We haven’t yet – Maybe on Turkey Day).

We hung out with some wonderful friends, did a bit of shopping and used some creative juices to create a festive burlap tree!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tomato plant cadge
  • Christmas Lights
  • Burlap
  • Sewing pins or a hot glue gun
  • A bow or some ribbon
  • Optional:  An awesome interested golden retriever named Gandalf

Total cost for us? $0.00 Burlap was re-used from my Baby Shower – we always have extra Christmas lights and my dad is a tomato farmer 😉

All you need to do is string the lights in and around the cone:

Cover in burlap – we pinned with sewing pins:

And add a bow on top – I created my own from some leftover ribbon from last year and just like that:

We will just cut off the excess burlap for a more polished look.  Evan loves it:

he is so excited he is moving to fast for the camera.

Happy Holiday Decorating!


A Pregnancy Anniversary

One year ago today I woke up feeling funny.  If I was confident about anything last year, it was knowing my body.  I had never been so in tune with it, being so dedicated to its health and well being… that morning I woke up and really thought about how off I had been feeling for about a week or two.  It was Hector’s day off and I asked him to take me to work.  As he drove me to work I was experiencing a headache and a slight panic in my chest.  You see, I had this app on my phone which tracked my periods and it was telling me I was about 7 days late.  Well, I’d always had a longer cycle and my phone was brand new so it didn’t have any of my old data stored but I figured it wasn’t longer than 37 days so I decided to tell Hector that maybe we should grab a pregnancy test, or two.

The look of fear and panic crossed Hector’s face as I mentioned it.  We had JUST gotten married and were planning on doing a million things before children.  We wanted a house, I wanted to start a new career and continue working on fitness related things.  I had just gotten an awesome job, that I loved (a part-time that I wished would turn into full-time, on top of my full-time job) so babies was the last thing on our list, yet here we were at Walgreens buying a first response pregnancy test.  This was the result:

Our reaction?  Disbelief.  Yep, utter disbelief.  In fact, because the line on the first test I took was so faint, I actually thought it was negative at first.  If I thought the look of fear had crossed his fact when I asked Hector to buy the test, those double lines were life changing and the look on Hector’s face said it all.  This was the most silent day of his life, I still wonder what he was thinking that day… I know what I was thinking.. “OMG OMG, this is NUTS I’M NOT READY I’M NOT READY OMG… ”

I’m also not going to lie, we weren’t jumping for joy.  I still feel guilty about this some days (but am working to let it go).  I always thought the day I found out I was pregnant would be a day of absolute joy – this was not the case for us.  Like I said, we weren’t prepared and it was a complete and utter shock.  That day I told my mom and my sister, my mom seemed pretty excited but this was curbed a bit because of my reaction to the news.

We didn’t tell anyone but our closest friends and my parents and sister for a very long time.  I announced I was pregnant when I was about 13 weeks along because I feared disappointment from work colleagues and those who knew a career was what I wanted to focus on.  Looking back, this was so silly.  I was ashamed of being pregnant, why?  Because so many people would tell me before I got pregnant that having a baby meant your life was over.  This mentality seems so backward to me now.  But a year ago after taking that test, I indeed felt my life was over.  I know now, that it has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me.  Evan has given me this wonderful gift, I want to be successful now more then ever.  I want him to be proud of me.

Needless to say we both eventually were very excited about our baby:

This year has been filled with:

My truth about the early days of pregnancy.

– Daily belly rubs with this stuff – I used about 8 tubs of it… YEP it was a worth-while investment too as this girl didn’t get any stretch marks – But, a disclaimer:  If I had, it would have been difficult to deal with I’m sure, but at the same time they are scars that would have proven I cooked a healthy beautiful baby and they would have been worth it, I have tons of them from high school anyway at least there would have been a reason for these.  At the same time, the vain part of me thanks God every day I didn’t get them, my body was very good to me I credit it to steady weight gain, tons and TONS of water and this butter – I also didn’t have ONE itchy day.  Not one.  I thank my beautiful BFF Nicole for this stuff.  Some other pregnancy must have for me?  Here.

– Tears.  Happy tears, sad tears, I want his over tears… Grateful tears… Everything tears.

– A gender reveal via cupcakes (they were filled with blue frosting)

Beautiful baby shower.

– Good days, not so good days and lots of faith.

– Fabulous friends and family.

and in July of this year… My beautiful baby boy:

He has now been in our lives for four 17 weeks.  Happy 17 weeks my little love.




Dear Pregnant Self…

A letter to my Pregnant self –

Dear Pregnant Self:

You are beautiful even on the days you don’t feel like it.  Your round belly with that baby bouncing around, that is what life is all about.  Your belly will stretch, and you will have moments when you doubt if you are going to be any good at that “mom” thing you have been dreaming about.  You will be.  Your baby will find comfort in your arms and enjoy the warmth of your chest and the sound of your heartbeat more then any other place on the planet.  After all, he is the only one who knows what your heartbeat sounds like from the inside.

I know when this journey started, it was the shock of your life.  You were scared, even guilty for not wanting this right now.  It is OK to feel like that, it will be a HUGE change.  It is OK to have those feelings, some people plan this, you didn’t so your doubts are justified and you have no clue what lies ahead… Again, this wasn’t a planned path for you, you have the right to mourn how your life will change, how you won’t be job hunting right now, or how your honeymoon will have to wait.  Luckily I’m here to tell you – it is worth it, it was worth it.  Stop beating yourself up for conflicting emotions… things happen, you aren’t a bad person you will love your son more then anything.  The guilt of this needs to pass, you are allowed your feelings.

Your clothes will fit again, but you will also learn that the silly things like worrying about when you are going to “loose all your pregnancy weight” pale in comparison to the wonderful new job you have.  Enjoy.Every.Second.  Because pregnancy flies, and when the baby comes into the world, you’ll have to share him.

You will love your baby.  More then you could have ever possibly imagined.  All your days of daydreaming about when he would be here, those happy thoughts will never do justice to just how perfect your baby is in your arms.  You will never feel more complete and your heart will expand, it is truly just the biggest blessing.

Give yourself a break, you are cooking a life.  Sleep when you need sleep, let people open doors, and let the husband bring you food.  Give in to your wants a little, don’t go crazy but have a extra spoonful of peanut butter if you want it or have a piece of dark chocolate for desert.  It is ok!  Spend extra time with your husband, find comfort in his arms.  Loose all fear because most of it will come naturally, I have found if you stress – that is when it doesn’t come naturally and seems difficult.

There is no such thing as touching your belly too much.  When the baby is here you will want to hold him and kiss him, you can’t LOVE a baby too much, so touch away, talk and take LOTS of pictures who cares if your face is a little puffy – you are retaining water.  Who cares if you are wearing a bella band, no one can tell.  Every time that baby stretches he is thanking you for keeping him safe, warm and healthy.  His love for you will be unconditional.  Trust me.  Take this time to connect, because before you know it (I know, it seems sometimes it takes forever, but trust me time is fleeting) he WILL be here.

Your friends and family are amazing.  Let them tell you good things, appreciate them, listen to their advice, YOU REALLY AREN’T THAT BIG.  Even if your were a house, let them tell you – you look beautiful because you do, you are carrying a child.  Let perfect strangers smile at you.  You’ll be the one smiling at pregnant people remembering what a special time it was.  Enjoy it.

Don’t feel bad when you feel scared, lonely, or doubtful.  Try to push past this though, because like I said, it is all worth it.  Go with the flow, breath, take a trip to the yoga mat… breathe. Soak up the you time, take a walk hand-in-hand with your hubby, get your nails painted, rub too much belly butter on that belly(it works! I swear), DRINK TONS OF WATER, go for a massage – the happier and healthier you are the better for baby.

It will feel great to lay on your tummy again, and it will take a bit of time but you will be able to touch your toes and do situps.  Your ab muscles have muscle memory – you are strong.  Even when it seems like you can’t possibly carry this weight anymore, trust me, you can AND it is WORTH IT (how many times have I said this?).

As much as you may have seen your body change, you have time to reclaim it.  Because you are a strong, determined young woman who gets what she wants.  Your priorities will change, but if something is important to you, you’ll make it happen.  You are going to be a mom, take that in.


Postpartum Me – Someone who will call me mom is stirring.