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Best Feeling In the World

Note to self:  Remember to live each day by each second.  Soak it in. I find myself getting anxious (I’m talking serious anxiety) about returning to work.  How can I leave my little baby boy?  I look into his sweet face and think to myself,… Read More

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Being Honest

I always wanted to be the person who decided with my husband the perfect time to have a baby.  I wanted to be excited to stop whatever form of birth control, and look forward to a missed period.  I wanted to cry tears of happiness… Read More

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Lists and Lesson Plans?

Why hello. Since having Evan I have written about 12 blogs, all unfinished 😉 I have made hundreds of mental lists, not one fulfilled. Whats more?  I’m OK with that. However, now that we have together a loose routine I do want to try and add stuff… Read More

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Back at it

Since my little man has arrived I have been doing a lot of the following: Snuggling, cuddling, kissing, holding, staring, loving, cuddling, hugging, changing diapers, breast feeding and cuddling. He is such a wonderful little baby that takes up a great deal of my day.… Read More