Big Buys – Do they ever end?

Today is another day that reminds me how close fall is!  It also reminds me how close BABY is as he will be a fall baby.  As much as I have a love/hate relationship with Chicago – I truly overall love it.  I have a hate relationship with some of the politics that have put us in a pretty deep hole and this past winter REALLY tested my IL patience (it was brutal, truly).  However, the fact that I get to enjoy all four seasons, don’t have to worry about scary spiders (like a BLACK WIDOW, omg.), hurricanes, tornadoes, and forest fires plus – all the culture of Chicago – the neighborhoods, world class food and entertainment – THE LAKE, it really is a great place to be, albeit expensive haha.  

The changing of the seasons makes for some great pictures.  In the winder I can throw Evan in a snowsuit in a pile of snow, fall in a pile of leaves – the summer offers beaches, water parks and pools – the spring we get to explore the garden for sprouting flowers.  You get the idea.  Although I have little spare time, something I love to do is capture moments on camera.  Several years ago my hubby bought me a Nikon and I’ve been lucky enough to capture some really great moments. <3





These have become REALLY difficult to catch though – because my autofocus has been broken for like a year.  With still objects, NBD – with a child?  BIG DEAL.  So I’m on the market for a new DLSR.  At some point I’d really like to take a class and pick it up as yet another hobby – it is something I really do enjoy. 


So I’m on the market for a new camera. I’m sure I could just buy a lens or take the Nikon in for repairs but I really have my eye on a Canon.  Why do there have to be so many models?  I have no clue what I really need, or the major differences between them and with all the camera lingo that I barely understand it has been an intense journey to knowledge.  So any suggestions? :D


Keep it Fit – Friday

Well, here we are.  Third trimester. I’m feeling, you guessed it, tired! But otherwise I feel good.  My ankle is healing and I’m lifting heavy things again *flexes*

Hahahaha.  But!! I’m making an effort to go to the gym several days a week and get in our long family walks which I’m currently in crazy love with.  Seriously, the weather lately has been awesome.  It has been warm enough to close your eyes and get that nice glow but cool enough that it reminds me fall is on the way.  As much as I LOVE summer, I really do think fall is hands down, my favorite season.  I love the pumpkin spiced everything from food to candles, the warm rich colors, apple cider, apple and pumpkin picking… The crisp air, riding boots and skinny jeans, layering… I’m not wishing away summer but I am welcoming the change.bob

Happy Friday, everyone!  What is your fit goal for the day?  Do you use Friday’s as your rest day?  I’m going to hit the gym if only to sit on a bike for 20 mins followed by a quick leg set… Gotta keep it fit, I want to look like this again:



Moms can be fit, before, during and after pregnancy.  FOr me fit life is happy life.

Namaste, friends. 

It is Mommy’s Day!

Two days of blogging in a row.  I must be feeling better!  This morning is absolutely perfect.  I’ve had a hard time sleeping lately so last night I heard a welcomed little rain shower sneak in around 12 a.m. and fell comfortably back to sleep.  I LOVE rainstorms and rain.  Not all the time because I NEED my sunshine, but there is something soothing about the sound of falling rain – had I heard thunder, I would have thought God sent the small storm just for me.

Anyway, I’m an early riser.  I haven’t always been and I love sleep (so I go to bed as early as I can) but I love waking up before the sun and watching the awesome colors in the sky.  Friday morning I woke up way before the sun and it was raining I felt warm and safe in my home but the sound of the falling rain was so peaceful (told you, I love rain).  This morning though, my little sidekick who typically wakes early too withing 15-20 minutes of me being up is still sleeping!  So I went downstairs grabbed a cup of coffee (Nicole! I can drink it again!!!  ;-) ) took the dog out and enjoyed smelling fresh air and taking in the beauty of my yard.



Hector and I dropped Evan at Grandma Debbie’s yesterday so we could do a few things outside without having to keep an eye on our little guy, he is FAST!  We planted some planters and just enjoyed some time cleaning up some stuff together in our yard.  I also realized I’ve gone a little crazy on the lavender (maybe it isn’t possible, I LOVE LAVENDER) but I have now about 5 different pots with some sort of lavender including this cute pot from Trader Joe’s that is already flowering:




and took more pictures of our stunning perennials:



I’m so grateful for what we have, friends, family, a home (with flowers, haha)… Weekends always remind me I am doing exactly what I should be because my life is so filled with love and joy.  Which brings me to today: Mother’s Day.  A day I just like to reflect on what I know:  Motherhood, hands down, is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I should say that I have had a lot of awesome things happen to me, but this definitely takes the cake.  Loving, nurturing and caring for another human being on this level cannot do anything BUT make you a better person.  I’m more efficient and effective, I’m more dedicated (as if that was possible), I weed out the BS because you recognize time is the most precious thing and you do not want to waste it…  NOTHING makes you realize how fast time flies more than a walking time stamp. I do not just manage my life and co-manage Hector’s, I am universe CEO – RESPONSIBLE for another human’s well-being.  It is a full-time job whether you are a stay at home mom, or a working mom we all do it differently.  Each has its own challenges, and I respect every single mother who works to make her child a healthy, loving addition to society.

My mother has been a shining example of everything I want to be to Evan and any future children I may have (:) ) – With that: I LOVE YOU MOM!! You are my rock and my hero.  Until I had Evan, I never understood the depth of your love, it is amazing how our bond has grown now that we share this special title.  I also am proud to be surrounded by my beautiful mommy friends!  Too many to name but I must say:  Joanna!  Happy first Mother’s Day with a baby in your arms, being a mother looks amazing on you and it is a beautiful thing to watch – we love you so much.  Nicole, my other half, happy Mother’s Day with your second little baby happily bouncing in your belly – I’m excited for the upcoming months for so many reasons ;-).  You both are inspiring and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing this journey with you.  Jenny, thank you for literally being the person I go though the motions with as our dudes are so close in age, I pray for the day you move closer. Anita!  He’s beautiful!! Happy First Mom’s Day with your little guy!! Jaz, another!! Miggie <3  PS we are like the Boy’s Club right now, all our little gentleman…  To the mom’s in my mommy group <3 sending light and love – watching the support all you wonderful ladies share each day makes me want to hug you all and warms my insides to know just how many amazing moms there are out there.

I hope everyone takes some time to just take in all the beauty around us and has a peaceful moment today.  XOXO

Evan, yesterday, at our favorite spot:



All sorts of things are blooming around here!!  Spring is FINALLY in the air.


My Daffodils are flowering, and weathering our unseasonable cold.  Evan is my little man now… Has long ago shed his baby face and is a full on little human:


He sings, laughs, plays tricks, runs, talks and blows my mind everyday.  He is just the happiest little guy anyone can imagine and he is the light of our lives.  

This winter was a rough one!  We have had maybe 2 or 3 beautiful days since our first freeze. Yesterday being one of them:


And Easter being another:


I’m getting out of my rut (which I’ll blog more about later!) and finally have some energy.  I’m telling you things are really growing and changing around here!  

We are looking to change up some home stuff, change up some life stuff and change up some garden stuff.  It is amazing what a little sunshine can bring to your life.

Happy Spring!


Train Thoughts

Going with my thoughts theme today…

Well today was freakishly warm and insanely ewet. Melting snow and lots of rain. Crazy wind and fog. Weird day.

Looking at my salt stained boots and grateful for these randoms: the quick weights workout at my gym. My baby, husband, Oso, friends and family. Grateful for my job, my husbands job, my home. Grateful for coffee, tea, my amazon app, MY iPhone (how did people get along without these things? Life was so much simpler I’m sure). Grateful for my healthy body and all it’s imperfections and perfections (my insides are rockin! Good heart, good organs ;-) ). I’m grateful for my kindle and the books that sit in it, even the unread ones. Im grateful that J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter (I mean, who isn’t!?), I’m grateful for the education I’ve received, the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I’m grateful for vitamins, veggies and soul food (so what if I define soul food as avocados lol I guess an occasional French fry fits the bill but avocados make me feel good). I’m grateful for Metra Conductor uniforms, they remind me of that movie with Tom Hanks Based on that children’s book Polar Express. I’m grateful I have been able to experience motherhood. Grateful for my glasses, they are the first thing on last thing off my face. I’m grateful for freshii and Alex :) (Susie!) I’m grateful for my mind, and my sense of humor even if I’m the only one laughing. I’m grateful for yoga, running, heavy weights and shoes.

I’m grateful for you for taking the time to read my thoughts and for this quiet train ride of gratitude home.

What are you grateful for. All written on my iPhone wonder if there are any weird typos in there.

Spread Love

I’m sitting in my morning train, on Facebook reading shared posts. There is so much negativity out there.

Let’s keep it simple people, spread LOVE not hate.

Share joy, hug and stay positive.

Love, it’s truly the way to happiness.

Oh and don’t fret, own your mismatched socks! Happy Friday, loves.


15 Months

Hello blog space.  I’m back with an update on my favorite little guy (FINALLY in big boy shoes):


A week ago we had his 15 month appointment and it went splendid.  He is doing great, which I didn’t need the doctor to confirm but she did give us some stats:

He is 24lbs (75% tile)
32 inches tall (90% tile)
and his head is 19 inches around (90% tile)


So he looks perfectly proportioned and like a long lean little dude.

I must say, he continues to melt my heart and amaze me each day.  All his phrases “thank you”, “Aw, Man”, “Go away”, “Get down, dog” and some favorite words “Hoc-key” “Cole” “MA MA”


I cannot believe last year you were a snuggly little 3 month old:


Now you are a serious charmer.  A runner, a lover, and still a closet snuggler just when I need it:


You never stop going, not until the minute you are down, unless you take that 3 perfect seconds to hug me tight.  Leaving you for work each day is the hardest thing on the planet.  Last week we spent each and everyday together and it was wonderful.  I grandma envy for sure.

I remember when you were an itty baby and I wanted you to stay that way forever, but seeing you grow up has been so amazing. You are so fun!  You are the happiest baby I have ever met.  You are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  You LOVE giving kisses running to people for hugs and singing and sorta dancing.

You have taught me to absorb everything around me and have made me so much happier.  You have also taught me I was born to be a mother.  I cannot wait to bring home a sibling for you, you are going to be such a fantastic big brother one day and the next bebe is going to have to work really hard to wow us as much as you have.  You are so amazing and fill me with SO MUCH JOY.Image



Side note:  I have been writing this blog since BEFORE 10/21… and just publishing it now.  And just because if I don’t publish it now, I feel I never will.