And That’s Term!

This week marks the big 38 weeks gestation for my little guy, so for a whole week he has been FULL TERM!  This is a pretty big deal because my baby will never be considered pre-term.  If he made his grand entrance today, he would likely be a very healthy little dude ready to rock my world.  I can’t wait!  Bring on the sleepless nights, sore body and my little angel I’ve been waiting to meet.  I hear all the time, literally to the point of annoyance, “Enjoy your sleep now.”  I really understand you can’t understand that until it happens but stop beating the pregnant person with this stuff.  I mean, some people daydream about their perfect experience with the PERFECT baby who sleeps and eats and is blissful, well TRUST me, I’m not that person.  I’m a realist.  I have read the books, listened to friends, read blogs… I get it the sleep is going to stop and especially because I plan on breastfeeding I understand (to the extent I can, not having lived through any of it yet) that I will literally be a milk factory every 1.5 hours (sometimes a glorious half hour more, or a miserable hour less) for the next several weeks following my rock star’s entrance but I’m as ready as I can be for the challenge and BEYOND LUCKY to have the support of friends, and family, and my incredible husband to get me through those crazy emotional days.

Crazy fact:  Did you know that pregnancy hormones completely leave the body and go back to pre-pregnancy levels in just FIVE days!  That is enough to drive anyone insane I’m sure let alone a new mom, with no sleep… Yikes the things we have to look forward to, my supporters and I – PS read the blog Lucie’s List if you are expecting.  She is HYSTERICAL and just a great read with lots of helpful advice on gadgets and postpartum stuff!

 I’m really not sure why I’m not more anxious about delivery, I mean the moment I find myself freaking out even slightly I’m able to coach myself out of being anxious.  I think I lost MAYBE 3 minutes of sleep last night wondering, when I’d go into labor, how much pain I’d be in or if I’d have to be induced.  I was very pleased with how I was able to calm myself down and drift off into a peaceful sleep (only awoken for my hourly trip to the bathroom, good times).  But the odd thing is these trips are really my fault.  My darling son has not dropped but I continue to drink water and eat watermelon like I may get dehydrated but my output (TMI, oh well) tells me that isn’t the case.  ;-)

Anywho, I had my 37 week appointment a few days ago, where I was surprised by my first internal exam.  Literally, surprised, why?  I don’t know, I thought they’d wait until next week.  Plus I KNEW that Evan hadn’t made any progress.  I have no pressure, no contractions, no NOTHING except sleepiness.  Still the doctor insisted on a baseline, and SURPRISE – cervix completely closed!  He even commented on how high the baby still was, and I was like, “Duh, I could have TOLD YOU THAT – and sort of did!!” Haha, at least I know my body pretty well and know that I have some serious walking in my future (even though I stay pretty active, I’m bumping this up) – my next appointment is bright and early next Friday morning maybe a day shy of 39 weeks I may have some progress… I hope.

37 week baby bump!

I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything but baby related things.  From breastfeeding fears (this is something I DESPREATELY want to do and would be devastated if I couldn’t make it work), to being prepared as far as material items, to how I’ll handle it emotionally to already fast forwarding to the future wondering if it will be impossible for me to return to work.  I so desperately want to be a stay at home mom, even if it could only be 6 months but the reality is Hector and I are a dual income family, and that is what we have to do for our family.  I’m hoping writing this down will help calm some of my anxiety – positive thinking is what I have adopted lately.  Luckily I have found in my life, probably because of my faith, is things just work out and I need to remember to take things one day at a time.

Another thing I do a lot?  Hang out in Evan’s room.  I’m so happy with it; it is such a peaceful room and pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted.  I know it isn’t “themey” but I’m not themey and neither is Hector and until little Evan has an all-out personality I’m sure he won’t mind that everything in his space was well thought out and filled with love.  It is a calm place with soothing colors and items and I simply can’t wait to share with him I daydream about rocking him in his glider and giving him endless hugs and kisses.  I know he won’t sleep in the room off the bat (we will have a bassinet in the bedroom with us, for ease of feeding/changing those early weeks) but I still plan on hanging with my little guy in that room, a lot!

Raspberry Leaf Tea – who knows if this actually works, but I’m down to try just about anything to move things along or prepare my insides ;)

How am I feeling?  Good!  Minus the energy I just can’t seem to figure out.  I’m not swollen, I’ve gained a total of 23 lbs (at 37w 4d), my rings still fit and my butt still squeezes into my Friday jeans with the help of a handy dandy rubberband.  Cravings?  Still none!  I’m sorta bummed, maybe it is my personality that doesn’t allow me to have them but I did indulge in a burger last Saturday (with fries!) but haven’t indulged since.  I guess I just like the healthy clean eats and so does my little man (ahh, he knows the key to my heart, healthy living!).  Maybe watermelon can be considered my craving but I have been addicted to summer watermelon for as long as I can remember. Fitness:  Slow going, I get in my weights, my squats and lunges and my yoga poses but the heat has kept me away from walking as much as I’d like this week.

As for plans for today?  Maybe a trip to the Farmer’s Market (maybe not) and a graduation party.  Also a lot of cleaning, I want things as prepared as they can be! Hope your Saturday is wonderful!!

Preparing to Race Again

All day every day over the past 200 plus days I day dream about my little baby boy.  I think about how he will change our lives, enrich our lives and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to raise the little man.  We have prepared a nursery, done hours of reading, bought the carseat, installed the base and put together the swing, pack and play and read up on how to introduce our wonderful dog to the baby.

What else have I been doing for a great many days?  Missing running, particularly racing and drooling over yoga poses that I never thought I’d miss (hello, crow).  Sure cat/cow and childs pose make it in my days but I can’t wait to really do those sun salutations again.  Fitness is such a huge part of my life and I literally daydream about jumping back into it when I no longer have baby in the belly.  As I’m sure my baby will be what I work around as far as workouts go, I plan on getting slowly back into some sort of plan as soon as my doctor says it is ok.

As excited I am about baby gadgets and all things baby I’m really excited for things like this again:

Preparing for races, lots of stretching!

Early morning photoshoots – pre race ready shots

Showing off my bibs!


Getting DIRTY!!!

Post-Race highs and my favorite cheerleaders <3

There is nothing that compares to preparing for races.  Getting in long runs with friends, and even on your own.  Finishing up those miles just felt like the largest accomplishments.  Nothing mattered when my feet hit the pavement, not my job hunting, wedding planning, or the bills that needed to be paid (they got paid of course, but I still agonize over how expensive life is).  I miss the wind in my face and finding my stride.  I even miss my disappointing runs, the ones you do and when they end you thank God and hope that your next one is better.  Soon I’ll be working out with my new Bob, but I’m really excited for solo runs.  I think it will be important for me as a new mom to find my me time and what is better then 30 minutes, pavement and some peace and quiet (I hear I’ll be begging for quiet and may not even want to run with my iPod).

There are so many things to look forward to in my little family’s future and I’m so excited for the ride.  I really plan on taking things one day at a time and know that running is still out of the question at least for another month BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream about it.  As my baby gets closer so does my running and yoga and sleeping on my tummy.

So I’m prepping to race again.  In so many ways.  <3

Are you a runner?  Are you a running mom?  Did you daydream about fitness goals while pregnant?  I’d love to hear stories, suggestions on how to get re-started with my fitness goals…

Walk, Talk and be Grateful – Make [& miss] Plans

So 37 weeks is HERE (well mine as well be, tomorrow it is official)!  Holy cow, my little dude is FULL term!  I can’t wait to blog about his nursery which is pretty much completed (super little details need to be done, a plant, maybe a lamp or two), I find myself just hanging out in his room day dreaming of rocking him in my arms.  We put a lot of loving touches in it so I figure I’ll write all about it when I have a chance to take some fun pictures!

Today was one of those days where you make plans, get there, and realize it isn’t going to happen.  Hector and I are lucky enough to live in Chicago, and we rarely take advantage of all the things the city has to offer.  With our little man on the way, we decided to get in some us time and thought we’d visit the Shedd Aquarium.  Hector and I have, like I said before, quite a few fishys ourselves and were excited about our little trip!  Well, we get there and there is a three hour wait.  Um, this pregnant lady is not going to stand for three hours without access to a bathroom.  So Hector and I enjoyed some spectacular views of the city instead:

The lake, lots of sail boats out today.

The weather was perfection.  We took a nice long walk and sat and watched the geese in the harbor and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I told Hector I was sorry about our missed date at the Shedd but that it might be more fun to bring a baby, even if he has no clue what is going on.  We discussed a few things, held hands and told each other how much we care for one another and how excited we are to start our little family, even if it was sooner than planned.  We have both learned that things work out the way the work out, for a reason.

The rest of our day is pretty packed, filled with a mini nap for me (as soon as this post is posted), a meeting with a dear friend, and hopefully some bowling for another excellent friend of ours.  I told Hector I would buy him a fishy or two for the tank since we sadly lost a couple (they lived good long fish lives) and because we missed seeing the huge Cichlid exhibit at the Shedd.

We learned another important lesson today, sometimes plans don’t go as planned and you have to make adjustments.  I didn’t particularly mind as I spent time with one of my most favorite people on the planet.  I’m so lucky to call him my husband, he really is amazing.

At least we get to enjoy the fishes daily ;)

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Happy Monday – and Happy (Late) Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there.  My main man and husband will be joining the Father’s Club soon enough and to celebrate, I bought him a nifty fan for the house.  Thoughtful I know.  Cosco always pulls at my purse strings…

But I’m crazy grateful I got to spend some time this weekend with my wonderful father.  He is just such a loving man, and I’m so lucky to have him in my life and can’t wait for little Evan to meet him.  My dad will be able to teach him a great many things, and is going to love him to pieces.

Today was tough.  One of those days where you take a deep breath and just take things in for what they are.  You realize sometimes things will disappoint you and you have to adjust to new circumstances.  I am going to sleep on this one and think if I want to elaborate more on the topic, maybe when I’m not as emotional about it.  Thank God for my little bun in the oven because some sort of hormone or maybe it is my wish to have a mellow baby, is keeping me super calm.  Sure the tears were there but overall I really feel like pregnancy has humbled me big time and made me deal with not so ideal situations in a new, much calmer, light.  Today’s brilliant advice, courtesy of my wonderful mom (my hero, in the flowers below), “Just wait until you see your little baby, you are going to love him so much.  None of this will matter in the slightest when you have him cuddled in your arms, you really are going to love him, so much”  She is so right, I know I will be head over heels, as I already am…

My 36 week baby bump at our nephew’s last T-Ball game of the season.

One mini regret, this pregnancy?  That I didn’t take more belly photos.  I’m going to try to make up for that, but who knows if I’ll ever be pregnant again?  Sure this isn’t my idea of my ideal body but I guess I’m growing to love it a little.  My body is doing great things, amazing things, and it is beautiful.  It is just such a natural process.  I mean, really my skin has been great, my body hasn’t ached too much and I’m still being told, “WHAT!?  You are HOW far along?” – I love when my little dude moves, when he does my eyes immediately go toward the belly because it is fun to see it move so much, that means my sweet Evan is growing big and strong and making my belly into a funny looking major lopsided ball.

Some things I’m grateful for going into this week, besides my rapidly ending pregnancy and healthy pregnant body?  The staples of course, family, friends, the wonderful husband, my first baby, Oso, and watermelon.  But also, super cute T-Ball games:

My super darling nephew, kicking some T-ball butt!

The flowers in my momma’s garden (bug eaten and all):

And two beautiful weekend nights with some wonderful fathers and a father-to-be:

I’m coming around, slowly but surely.  I’m getting really anxious about the arrival of my little man, so that is the reason for my baby centered posts.  I can’t wait to hold him, smell him and give him tons of kisses.  This really has been a growth experience.  My go-to life saving fitness has been there for me from the start, and even (in small doses) even now, but this pregnancy has helped me learn new tools:  focusing on breath, realizing even on my worst days, things could be worse , meditation (yep, never knew it was possible) and appreciating the smaller things in life.

I hope your week is productive and fantastic.

Any ideas on how to better cope with stress?  Another favorite destresser of mine?  Hugs from the hubby, guess who is going to go take major advantage… right now.

Babies and the Baby’s Room

Yikes 35 weeks and feeling… sleepy! Haha, I feel like that has been the theme this pregnancy which I’m sure I have said before.  The fatigue doesn’t stop the preparation for baby and life though.  Today I was hoping to make it to the Farmer’s Market.  A huge family favorite which I can’t wait to blog about someday, hopefully before baby is wrapped in the Moby walking around with me ;-) – Anywho, that didn’t happen but some other exciting stuff did!  Today was a big day in the household… Our babies were released!

Hector and I own two fairly large fish tanks, filled with African Cichlids who are mouth breeders.  They carry their young in their mouth and then spit them out (and then most usually get eaten, yikes!) on the rare occasion we can keep this from happening, we do and we use this fancy basket (as shown above, do you see the little guys?) to keep them safe and help them grow:

Although still small, you can see they are getting some color! They grow pretty quick!!

A few will likely still bite the dust, but we have saved quiet a few, if we would have let them just do their thing in the big tank, we may have had one or two reach a mature age instead we have about fifteen of the little guys shown above.  Our tanks sort of replenish themselves (not as much as my Dad’s tank, but that is ok) which keeps buying new fish budget to a healthy minimum which makes me a happy camper!

Also in the works today?  Something I do daily it seems, work on finishing touches in the baby’s room.  Little Evan’s room is pretty close to being complete so I thought I’d show our progress so far:

Evan’s Space – We will order a glider in the next week or two to put where the swing is and the wing will go in a common area.

I am very happy with our progress, there are just some minor additions but I can’t wait for my little man to be introduced to his space.  I feel very blessed that Hector and I have had the opportunity to set up a nursery for him and for it to be as fun of an experience as it has been.  I can’t wait for Hector to do a little more personalization (pictures to be hung above the crib and a shelf above the changing table) and then this room is pretty much done.

As I look toward the future, I see lots of fun moments including Evan meeting the babies above, they will be big enough for him to see when he is able to see objects clearly a couple months down the road and hopefully he will develop a major love for animals like his Cousin Jack, Auntie Nicole and like his parents.  Although I’d like his love for bugs to stay at a minimum at least I have a handsome hubby who is all about the bugs:

Ok, so this butterfly isn’t so scary but he got super up close to just stare at it, and lets face it, if it was a big scary bug (which he would totally be interested in) I wouldn’t be too interested at taking a picture with him and it…

I’m a very lucky girl.  I’m reminded of it everyday.  I hope you are enjoying this awesome Saturday, I’m going go run some errands and hang out with my wonderful momma, and take a nice long walk with my main man for the day:

Oso, enjoying a car ride… such a awesome pup.

Being Present

I really miss my daily workouts, they helped me center myself and remind me to be present.  I used to enjoy the car ride (not worry about where I was going, if I was going to be late, what I could have done to get there faster), to enjoy my breakfast, to enjoy my husbands wacky ideas (today he told me he wished he was a billionaire so he could build a spaceship and travel to the moon, God I love this man) instead I am on edge, all the time thinking why isn’t the husband talking about future baby plans, better financial plans… This is something I have struggled with my whole life (well, as far back as I can remember).  I always look forward, making lists, worrying about making future ends meet, now focusing on all I need for baby, how he will be growing next week…  I can tell my endorphins are not flowing like they used to and I blame that on my laziness and not taking an hour to workout as often as I did.

My energy lately is, well, non-existent.  I feel great in the morning, even if I don’t get the best sleep, but by 5 p.m. it is like I have been working out my shoulders all day and I can barely keep my eyes open (my front heaviness, is starting to play a roll on my upper body as I try to correct posture all day).  The third trimester fatigue has definitely set in and thus my full workouts have suffered and my “being present” has become almost as equally non-existent as my energy.  I’m finding myself worrying about baby items, do I have this?  Do I have that? Do we really need that? What if I don’t get the pictures in his nursery up before he comes?  How am I going to afford maternity leave?  Everyone says newborn days suck, can I handle it?  40 days to go… 37 days to go… my head keeps racing for all the things I need to do.  I need to work out, I need to sleep… I need to write a blog, I need to write down memories… I need to figure out this pediatrician stuff, RIGHT NOW.  I just keep racing over things in my head and I’m not stopping to enjoy this part of my life.  I try not to shop, thinking, we will need the money later… I also need to stop that.  I need to watch a movie with my husband or sit down and enjoy a meal with him because we really won’t have alone time for too much longer.  Somehow so far in my life, probably because of my faith, everything has worked out and I need to take solace in that.  When I feared I couldn’t do something, somehow, it happened.

What am I doing about this?  I’m going to just stop.  Stop thinking so much, whatever we do not have for the baby, we will figure out when he is here.  They did it with a LOT LESS back in the day.  Plus, I have my husband, my mom and my wonderful friends to help get me through this.  I CAN and WILL do the best that I can, I WILL make mistakes, but why worry about them now?  When they happen, and when they happen and I’ll deal with it then.  You know what else will happen in the future?  I WILL do some things just right.  There is nothing wrong with worrying a little about the future, that is natural.  How much I worry about it?  Not so natural, as it consumes my day, and I am pretty sure it just adds to my exhaustion and makes me feel, well, blue.

So, today, the day I hit 35 weeks, I’m resolving to just be.  I’m going to do in the moment, what I feel is right.  I’m going to enjoy the company of my friends and family, my husband and my wonderful oso.  I’m absolutely going to push myself back into doing my daily walks and instead of laying in bed for the extra 30-45 minutes in the morning I’m going to get up and do my yoga because I know it will make me feel so much better, but if my body tells me to stay in bed, I will.  I must say I’m getting better at listening to it.  Pregnancy will do that to you.  It will let you know to slow down, you need to rest and it will tell you hey your have energy get up and DO something.

Cool things are happening in baby land, every day my body amazes me by how it can handle this.  I’ve had a great pregnancy so far “textbook” as my doctors say, but for me if all I can complain about is being more tired than usual, I really should consider myself very lucky.  So I’m going to be present and not feel guilty about watching my belly do strange things for hours on end.

How do you stay present?  Are you an over thinker?