Morning Rituals

I am a morning person.  I wasn’t always for some reason in college and high school I thought it was cool to be a night owl.  So not cool (for me, I’m so unproductive in the pm). I’ve definitely switched up and enjoy early mornings.  It’s nice to see warmer weather because I’m hoping it will motivate early runs with my favorite bear-Oso. We both can use the stretch. 

My best mornings have the following highlights:

Breakfast in a mason jar usually to go:



Coffee a plenty.

Warm lemon water.

Stretches on my Mat, some ab work and attempts at pull-ups. Flashback to my skinny self pumping them out NBD right now I’m working my way back. 


Folding at least half a basket of laundry.

Snuggles with my littles:



Putting a preped lunch in my bag with a cooler for my liquid gold. 

Pumping sesh before work. 

More snuggles. 

Frantic panic to find keys, run to my car, get to the train station.

Phone call to my mom.




Ten Things Tuesday

1. I love to read but it’s the first thing that gets cut from my crazy days. #reprioritize 

2. My favorite smoothie is still: spinach, celery, lemon, banana, pineapple, Cheyenne pepper ūüėć in my life factory bottle, please:  

3. I’m self diagnosed seasonally depressed.  I get soooo blue after the holidays and wish the weather warm during the coldest time in Chicago.  

4.  I’m a lululemon addict.  I have a problem I check my app 100x a week put things in the cart, take things out, put things in, take things out. That said I’m a workout clothing addict, actually. But LOTS of lulu

5. I walk into the Gap for me, walk out with something for Hector and lots of things for the boys… Nothing for me.  I blame sales.

6. I’m an Amazon prime member, their app is the devil. ūüėą I mean I love my fedex angel. ūüėá

7. I have the biggest crush on Dr Reed. Can I have his brain? He can read a whole 1000 page book in 5 minutes #lovetheNerds

8. I love lifting. And tell myself I love running although the thoughts when I run are too often “why do I tell people I love this?  This sucks. One foot in front of the other.  What an awful song.  Why won’t my earbuds stay in.  Why do I feel so uncoordinated” I get through the run and feel so good… That’s it. That high, that I did good feeling.  That’s why I run.

9. I treat myself when I hit fit peaks. I set small goals and treat myself accordingly (excuse to finally buy something waiting in the lulu cart). 

10. I’m madly in love with my husband.


Fitness Friday 041015

Spring is in the air! No joke yesterday was nuts weather wise.  Thunderstorms, tornados and of course rain (and warmth!). The grass is green!!! Unreal.  Literally came to life overnight. (Prayers to the people affected by yesterday’s severe weather).

I may be being overzealous but:  

Just wearing a zip up hoodie!  How free! Yet I’m slightly cold, ha.  But we are so close. This weather gets me excited for race season.

Friday’s fitness plans are in suspense but my goal is a hot yoga sesh and some heavy lifting at home. My legs are still jelloish from Wednesday’s WOD #embracetheburn. 

Something else on my fitness related friday agenda is cleaning up my playlist.  Running is funny for me.  We fall in and out of love, as a mom sometimes the silence of a run is refreshing.  The sound of my feet hitting the pavement is oddly soothing and relaxing sometimes but nothing beats a killer playlist.  

Currently listening to;


And wanting some demin goodies. Britney always gets me going ūüôĆ hashtag 90s. 

Love and light y’all also can we take a moment to thank the lulu gods for thumb holes:



Train thoughts PM edition 

Today has been:


But warm! 

I hussled to work early, to leave early but you know how that story goes.  The best laid plans, if you will.

My mind is racing over my to do list and as I try to keep calm on this incredibly warm ride (is the HEAT on?) I also have this anxiety that I need to get home to my boys hashtag i always feel guilty being away. 


Babies don’t stay babies.  I hope they know that everyday is a struggle being away. 

I hope to write more on depression in upcoming blogs.  Not to be a downer or even realistic which is so me but to bring awareness to the normalcy of it and the huge problem I think it is across women… Especially mothers and mothers to be.  More on that later.  For now I’m going to close this out an be thankful it gave me several minutes of mental focus on the task at hand-typing a blog. Boom. 

Not going for quality or quantity I’m working on habits right now and that habit is utilizing the nice new wordpress app, great for on the go! Thanks guys! Excuse me I’m off to jump in puddles and sing in the rain!

Brain ramblings – Train Thoughts 4/9

Today is the day I told one of my bests she was going to have her baby.  I’m terrible at those things but it’s my prediction.  Sorry Joanna, I’m likely wrong. Lol

I love my boys, all of them.  Hector, Oso, Evan and sweet MAV.  

Thursday’s are the only day I look forward to in the TV space.  So much on Thursdays.

I need to up my photography skills.

My inner thighs kill. #sweetsoreness

Sorta obessed with Pilates lately.  My bff Nicole would be proud. Working on my skills, bringing back old school mat work… I feel like I’m in HS again.

It’s pretty gloomy outside. 

Back with randoms later.



This Weekend 3.29.15

My mind races at about 1500 miles an hour. ¬†Fast right? ¬†I’ve wondered a lot if I have a slight issue with anxiety. ¬†Ok wondered isn’t the word, I definitely have issues with anxiety. ¬†Probably the reason why everyone in my life likes when I regularly practice yoga. ¬†It really keeps me in check. Weekends are no joke around here. ¬†Per my previous post I spend a great deal of my day cleaning, lots of shopping (Costco! Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods), I meal prep most Sundays (roasted veggies, lots of rice/quinoa, grilled chicken are staples), and I really do try to spend quality time with friends and family. ¬†Yesterday was nuts. ¬†I have no idea what was accomplished but we ended up at dinner with my favorite Uncle, my parents, my bro, his daughter and my boys. ¬†We took the tank, it was great:



My parents are so awesome.  They love the kiddos to pieces.  My brother, Joey has two girls and I have two boys.  Ages: 9, 2.5, 1.5 and almost 5 months, they keep my parents busy but inject insane amounts of love into our lives.


I know, I know – Evan needs a haircut.


Jaylee reminds me of the nonstop cuteness that happens around 1.5, they walk with such determination and really want to get places. ¬†She is also babbling, she knows what she is saying even if I don’t understand her. lol

So last night was great, time with family.

But with those shenanigans there goes my brain again: ¬†I didn’t do laundry, I didn’t go to the gym, the house is a mess, I didn’t do x or y, why are my triceps so sore?, where is Hector?, we gotta get to Lowes/Home Depot/Mendards, I’m supposed to do the Shamrock Shuffle in the am!, shit – the dog., I mean it really never ends. Haha. So I went to bed with a full brain – then sleep basically never happened. ¬†Baby making noises, Oso’s chain ringing every time he moved, I hear him running up and down the steps, I hear Hector snoring, oops there is the baby again!, gotta get up early for the race, then bam, no alarm because my husband thought I should “sleep in”. *sigh*

So may late lazy morning looked like this:


Blended coffee.


Lazy parent’s breakfast for toddler.


You pay for swings, jumpers, rock n play’s, etc. and he wants to chill in his carseat. Ha.

So now it is a cold sunday, I’m missing my 8k that I totally didn’t train for but DID pay for. ¬† SO I’m going to get it together and go to the gym while the hubs is home and my mom is willing to be my date. ¬†Happy Sunday ya’ll.


The Battle.

Hi friends. ¬†I was reminded yesterday it has been far too long since I’ve updated. ¬†Why? ¬†IDK because life is cray. ¬†My boys (all four of them) need me constantly. ¬†I’m back at work, trying to fit in sweat seshs, cuddle time, photo time, me time, clean time. ¬†I’m basically doing 100 things a day and only get to slow down when these dudes tell me, ok – quality me time… I mean how can you resist these “mom. what are you doing? ¬†Pick me up already” faces:


I’m blissfully happy most of the time, totally rushed all the time and a maniac part of the time. ¬†Ha. ¬†My mind races with the things I should be doing vs. the things I am doing and I complain too much about not enough hours in the day – complain less, do more is one of the things I repeat to myself when the dark ninja starts karate chopping my positive brain waves into useless depressing ones. ¬†Multitasking is the only option (as I nurse and type) most of the time and I have been powering down a lot (no fb, no phone, texts, emails, etc… it has to wait). ¬†The one thing my dudes help me with tremedously is helping me do what is most important, first. ¬†I enjoy my endless rambling blog posts, really love taking pictures and really love my clean eats and workouts so that’s why I’m trying to fit in blog time. ¬†I can totally see why people love being newborn/baby/child photographers.. they really do make the very best subjects (drool and all):


Here comes the battle part. ¬†Fitting in everything. ¬†Does it happen? Nope. ¬†Do I try my best? Yep. ¬†What keeps me sane? ¬†who knows. I’m learning more and more where I need to put effort. ¬†For instance, I need a cleaning lady. ¬†Why? ¬†Because it isn’t worth 5-6 hours of my weekend to wash baseboards, floors, bathrooms and windows. ¬†So that’s on my to-do list. ¬†Sure they might not do the perfect job like I would do, but too bad that’s 5-6 hours less quality time with my dudes. I also need to continue my purge. ¬†I’m a big non clutter, organized person. Clean clutter free house=happy Jen. ¬†Dirty clutter filled disorganized house=scary Jen (trust me no one likes that person, I know, hard to believe I can be unlikable hahahaha). ¬†Yet babies and adults come with SO. MUCH. STUFF. So I’m trying to be better about getting rid of/donating things. ¬†If I pick up a shirt or a pair of pants and I have to think for more than two seconds if it is something I will wear – out it goes. ¬†If it is something too big for me now (happy dance) or I hate the way it fits and only wear it bc I can’t find something clean – OUT IT GOES!! ¬†For the kids if I think it¬†looks too small for my giants E or MAV, to a plastic bin THAT goes. ¬†I don’t have time to do wasted laundry and I refuse to fold things that will get shuffled around in drawers and sit there for months. ¬†(clearly THAT has never happened….) ¬†I much rather pick up my camera and shoot 5 minutes of feet than shuffle through drawers and closets for things to wear:


I’m going to wrap up this part of my battle as E is getting restless MAV needs a nap and I need to assemble myself into a human for the rest of the day.

Back soon.  Thanks for reading my random ramblings.


(evan not pictured because he doesn’t stay still.)